There are many things that make Boston exactly what it is, but one very prominent trait is the large Irish community. According to Forbes, Boston holds the number one spot for having the most concentrated Irish population, standing at 20.4 percent. This is what makes Paddy O's such a great place to go out to while in Boston.

Paddy O’s opened in 2005, and has made its mission to give customers an authentic Irish atmosphere. According to the pub’s website, the reason for this is John Joe Somers. Somers was the CEO of Somers' Pubs, which oversees a total of six pub franchises in the Boston area. According to Paddy O’s website, Somers was “the driving force behind this bar's creation.”

Somers states that "nobody knows how to enjoy themselves like the Irish."

Paddy O's is an Irish sports bar and club with an authentic and fun feel. The handcrafted bar wraps around the entrance with authentic Irish furniture all around. During the day, Paddy O's is the perfect place to go watch a game with some friends and have a beer. Meanwhile, at night, it turns into a great club to take everyone dancing to.  

"It’s fun for a girl’s night out," states University of Massachusetts Boston student, Alyssa Moir.

The best part about Paddy O's has to be the music. While a lot of other clubs mostly play one genre of music, Paddy O's plays a very wide range of songs. The DJ may jump from 90s pop to whatever the current billboard hit is to hip hop and R&B.

The staff are very welcoming and there is a good selection of food and drinks. However, you should be prepared to wait for a bit as the service can be a bit slow at times. Paddy O’s also tends to cater to a younger crowd. The weekends especially can be found crowded with college students or people in their early 20s.

Overall, Paddy O’s is a great place to go to on a Friday night with a couple of friends if you are looking to have some fun.

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