Beacon Beginnings: Campus Center

The doors of Campus Center stand ready to welcome students to the University. 

Happy second week of classes! Welcome back to Beacon Beginnings, the column that gives new students some tips and tricks to get accustomed with UMass Boston. Last week, I explained how to use UMBeInvolved to meet new people and create opportunities. Over the next couple of weeks, I will teach you how to make a mental map of the campus. In other words, I will tell you what each building has to offer and how to get around campus with all the construction.

Let's talk about the Campus Center! This is the building that the shuttle bus typically drops students off at. The first thing you need to know about the Campus Center is that the floor numbers are pretty confusing. There are four floors and an upper level. Despite being the "upper level", this is the ground floor. There is a lower level that has a parking lot but it is off limits to students.

The upper level is where the shuttle bus drops you off. On the upper level there are a bunch of lounging areas as well as a game room. The game room has pool tables, card games and even video games. The One Stop, a resource center run by the registrar's office, is also on this floor. They can answer any question you have whether technical, financial or just directional. And if they can’t help you, then they will direct you to who can. But easily the most popular place on this floor is the Dunkin' Donuts. People take their Dunkin' very seriously on campus—I’ve seen the line go outside before.

Then there is the first floor; this is where one of the dining halls is located. They sell everything from pizza to sushi. There is also a courtyard that leads to Wheatley Hall or McCormack Hall. By the windows overlooking the harbor, you can find a terrace where a lot of clubs meet for events. This is also where the Student Involvement Fairs and Career Fairs take place. Finally you can find the Advising Center which, as the name suggests, is where you can meet with your advisor.

As for the second floor, you can find multiple study areas. Around the terrace, there is an area where you can charge your phone in a locker while you study. On the other side of the building there is a catwalk that leads to the second floor of Wheatley Hall. 

The third floor of the Campus Center is my personal favorite because this is where the Office of Student Life is. The reason why I love this office so much is because this is where you can get your discounted tickets. Throughout the year they will sell tickets to games like Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, etc. They can even get you discounted Six Flags tickets. They also sell rental lockers. 

You probably won’t need to go to the fourth floor too often, but many important offices are located there. That is where the Bursar's Office, Financial Aid and the Office of Student Employment are. For the most part, the One Stop on the main floor can help you or they will direct you there. 

Just outside of Campus Center is the main lawn. There is usually some type of event there, either some type of fair or even a movie. I personally like to relax in the shade and look out at the view.

As you can tell, there's so much to do at the Campus Center, and you now know most of what you need to get around the building. Next time, I will cover everything you need to know about the Clark Athletic Center.

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