Does anyone remember those Highlight’s Magazines that were scattered on the tables at the doctor’s office? The best parts of those magazines were the games of “I Spy,” and that is what the set-up of Doyle’s sports bar is like.  On Sept. 29, Doyle's was filled with professors and students from the University of Massachusetts Boston.The papering of numerous photographs of former Mayor Tom Menino, almost immediately becomes a counting game in the vein of much loved childhood games. Truelly, this is a Boston bar at heart. 

This is the kind of event that everyone wishes they knew about, and many that read this are probably already sad that they missed this event that combines having a cold beer with meeting some of the professors of the English Department. The good news is that Pub Night is held every month at a different bar, so there are many more opportunities to join in. The appetizers are provided -- just be over twenty-one and be able to purchase your own beer! This is also about being able to socialize with people with the same interests, harboring conversation about authors, community projects, and internships.

The concept of Pub Night was created by one visionary in the English Department, Jill McDonough. The event allows students to get to know their potential or past professors in a way that makes them relatable. For one, they binge watch Netflix while they grade papers. On a more practical level it's like shopping for puppies at the mall. Puppies are cute, but before you take them home it is a matter of due diligence to get to know them and do a little research. Pub Night is merely the means that allows students to get to know professors, which helps in picking out future professors and their classes, or as McDonough puts it, “It’s like shopping for teachers."


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