As someone who enjoys my own company, sometimes more often than not, I believe it's important to do things and explore on my own. Sundays are usually my days to do just that. My day starts off with heading out to some of the best, in my opinion, breakfast places in South Boston.

First and foremost, my "day one" place is Boston Bagel Company, located on L street in Southie. This is a quick bite to eat, and a large one at that. Most weekend days, they are filled with hungover 20 something year olds looking to grab a bagel. They host a variety of flavored cream cheeses such as jalapeño and cinnamon apple, as well as deli sandwiches like a BLT on a bagel of your choosing. What takes the cake, or should I say bagel, is their egg sandwiches: a scrambled egg with the ingredients right in it to go on your perfectly made sandwich. Recommendation: the Southie scramble (egg, bacon, sausage, red onion, and pepper) on an asiago bagel with American cheese.

My next stop is down the street at Sidewalk Café located on E 4th Street in South Boston. This cash-only joint is one I don't visit quite as often, but I am reminded of how great the small café is each time I go in. The store has enough room for six people maximum to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a line, and they do, with intentions of getting a bucket of their favorite variety of coffee flavors paired with any type of breakfast sandwich imaginable. It's worth every piece of claustrophobia one might have in this shop. Their menu not only carries out through the morning, but also shines past that. They offer stir-fry meals, pizza, and salads. What really takes this place on my top list is the coffee. It's your typical “almost water” Dunkin’-Donuts-type coffee: it's sweet, and it's *good*. Recommendation: Almond joy iced coffee with regular cream and sugar; and a bacon, egg, and cheese on an English muffin with home fries.

Third one on my list might be my favorite place: McKenna’s Café off Dot Ave. There isn't a day or a time when you can go in there and sit right away. It's sort of comparable to Regina’s Pizza, but of breakfast and in Dorchester. If you plan on going, there's something you should know: you have to sign in. There's a sign-in sheet at the corner of the counter by the door. When you walk in, put your name down with the number of people you're with on the sheet and make sure your entire party is there. You do not want to mess with the fast-paced employees. Once your name is called, go, and go quickly. Grab your table with the server and start looking at the menu right away because it might take a while. Between the lunch selections and huge omelets, you are bound to run into trouble choosing what to order at 11:30 a.m. You may be better off ordering take out if that seems too stressful. Although all of this, the locals and staff are super friendly and create a very welcoming atmosphere. Recommendation: regular flavored iced coffee with regular cream and sugar, and a Grampian Champion omelet (ham, American cheese, onions, peppers, with a side of bacon or sausage).

Lastly, which is the place I visited most recently, is the Ashmont Grill. Although it's quite pricey for breakfast, the atmosphere was worth it for a "treat yourself" weekend. Located up Dot Ave on Talbot Ave, it is a small, hard-to-find place. Once you walk in, it feels like you're in a small urban coffee shop in downtown Boston. The menu consists of creative breakfast foods such as a stuffed brioche French toast (bananas, caramel sauce, cinnamon whipped cream) as well as your classic “two eggs, any style” type deal. This is more of a brunch spot as they do serve many morning-time cocktails: Bloody Gazpacho (pearl cucumber vodka, muddled cucumber), Winter Mimosa (blood orange, St. Germain, Prosecco) but nevertheless, a great hangout spot for a latte. Recommendation: a latte and a Train Wreck Omelet (open-faced omelet topped with hand cut fries, jack cheese, bacon, jalapeño, scallion, and sour cream)

I suggest checking some of these local businesses out. For one, they are tasty and for the most part affordable, but also, it's important to remember that you are supporting the community when visiting local restaurants. That's always a bonus! Enjoy a little “you time” this Sunday morning and grab a bite to eat in Southie.

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