College Night at the Museum Attracts Thousands

A shot of the Museum of Science during their College Night. 

In a city packed with thousands of college students, nothing attracts them more than free admission. In a yearly attempt to unite college students from all over, the Museum of Science held its annual College Night. This event is a free one that acquaints college students with society's transformative relationship with science and technology. With more than 700 interactive exhibits, college students had a successful night of exploring the museum's wide variety of learning attractions.

As each exhibit in the museum grabbed the attention of thousands of students, none compared to the live presentations that the museum hosted at periodic intervals throughout the night. One presentation that excited the interests of many students was the museum's famed lighting show in the Theater of Electricity. Showcasing the power of electricity, magnetism, conductors, and insulators, the presentation tests the audience's knowledge when it comes to lightning.

For Boston University student Shaina Fils-Aime, this presentation was the highlight of her night: “I haven’t visited to the museum since seventh grade and the lighting show is still amazing! I could sit and watch the lightning show for hours. Brings back a lot of memories for me.”

While exploring the scientific and technological discoveries in the exhibits, attendees of College Night also have the benefit of paying a reduced price for entertainment outside of the exhibit halls. From IMAX and 4-D films to laser shows in the museum's planetarium, students were able to experience a more relaxed version of science discovery and art for the price of $6 per ticket.

For Fisher College student Janelle Pepito, the laser show’s addition of Rihanna’s music proved to be a worthy stop in her College Night experience: “It was amazing to just sit under a dome and watch the lasers go wild to Rihanna’s songs. It was loud, upbeat, and the laser designs were just wild! One of the coolest things I’ve seen tonight.”

As College Night began to wind down around the closing time of 9 p.m., many young adults left the museum feeling a sense of pride that the museum offered a rare college student benefit. “I’ve been coming to college night for the past few years,” says University of Massachusetts Boston student Nora Portillo. “Actually, since I’ve started freshman year at UMass, I think it’s a wonderful opportunity to get to know Boston and one of the great museums it has to offer. And I think it’s great the museum gives us the opportunity to come here free for one night. It gives us the opportunity to get to know other college students.”

Having housed near 6,000 students according to museum employees, students were able to connect with science as well as with each other on a large scale. After a night of exploring exhibits and for some, reminiscing, the Museum of Science proved to have yet another successful year full of student attendees.

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