Feb. 24, 2019—My aunt took me out for my birthday as she does every year. This time we went to see the band Rain in concert, Rain being a Beatles tribute band that plays at the Boch Wang Theater in Boston every February, this year having been their tenth. Both times we've seen concerts together there's been some sort of downpour, but this time it only seemed fitting.

The band itself is made up of four young men, each one dressed as their particular counterpart to the original Beatles. Though skeptical at first, as the two hours passed by, I found myself impressed—I actually liked them. We had good seats too, as close to the front as you could get without blinding our eyes from being too close to the set lights. The stage setup itself was pretty flashy, with a huge ‘80s-style screen behind the band the whole show, on which was usually projected either bright hippie music video-type wallpaper, or, as we neared the intermission, a handful of old commercials that would have played during the time of the Beatles.

Speaking of commercials, did you know girls with long hair used to lay their hair on an ironing board and iron it? I asked my mom if she did this, and she said she did. Strange life hacks if ever there were any.

Some of the songs they used the screen to project especially were: “Eleanor Rigby,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” (a really strange music video telling the story of a rogue, apparently, serial killer with a hammer even though I couldn’t quite wrap my head around completely), “She’s Leaving Home,” “Hard Day’s Night,” “Benefit of Mr. Kite,” and “With a Little Help From my Friends.” They also played “Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” for which they got completely dressed per their respective outfits of their counterparts. Other songs they played were “Come Together,” “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da.”

Maybe because of the 20 minute or so intermission, the show actually went on a bit longer than two hours, ending on an encore of “Hey, Jude.”

Overall, it was surprisingly a pretty good show. There were a good number of people there my age as well as some as young as five or so. It wasn’t one of those “old people shows” just because it was the Beatles, or maybe because it was the Beatles was exactly why it wasn’t one of those “old people shows.”

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