With Halloween quickly approaching, I know that many students are drilling their brain to come up with a costume to wear for Halloweekend. However, shops like Party City or Spirit Halloween will rob you blind for a costume you will most likely only wear once. As a college student, I know I don’t have an extra $50 lying around for a Pirate costume, so I looked into some easy DIY outfits that won’t break the bank.

Hippie All you need is circular sunglasses (you know the ones), a tie-dye shirt, a bandana across your forehead, some bootcut pants, and curl your hair. You most likely already have most of this. So it’s a super easy, cheap alternative to a full-blown costume!

Cowgirl First, draw on some freckles with a brown eyeliner you have lying around. Next, grab some jean shorts and a shiny belt. If you happen to have boots, great! if not, it’s not the end of the world. Lastly, throw your hair into some braids, try to find a checkered shirt at the Goodwill nearby, and you’ll be golden!

Sailor This one’s easy. Find some white pants or a skirt, a striped white and blue shirt, and grab some paper to make a hat. If you’re looking for something to add to your costume, grab a blue tie to keep loose around your neck. (Most sailors wear red, white, or blue, so any items with these colors will be perfect).

Marilyn Monroe A classic costume. Obviously, this one is a bit more specific, pertaining to blonde girls, but anyone can try to achieve this look. A flowy white dress, hair thrown up into a bun if it’s longer, some heels, pearls, and red lipstick will have you looking like Monroe’s long-lost twin. You can always get a wig, as well!

Where’s Waldo? Grab a red and white striped shirt, some circular glasses, and a red and white beanie. If you want to jazz it up, grab a map to have by your side.

Rosie the Riveter Put that jean jacket to use! A simple red bandanna, some jeans, and a kick-ass attitude will have you looking and playing the part. Who runs the world? Girls!

Tourist Bermuda shorts, sunblock, a Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, a hat, and a camera, and you’re suddenly the epitome of a tourist. Finding a Hawaiian shirt might be your most difficult task, as those are seen as trendy now - good luck!

Group/couple costumes

I know we all love to try to match with our friends; however, it can be quite difficult to agree on something between everyone. Here’s a few ideas you might want to purpose to your close friends!

3 Blind Mice So simple and cheesy, yet so cute! Make sure you all wear black, grab some sunglasses, some animal ears to style, and some face paint to throw on some whiskers. A cane helps top this look off, but it might be a pain to carry around all night.

Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm This one might be a bit more work, but it was so unique I had to include it. Grab a neon orange and neon green shirt to sport, and draw on some black triangles! Finding the stick/bat for Bamm-Bamm and the bone for Pebbles’ hair might be your hardest task; however, anything is possible!

M&Ms This costume is great because you can have as little or as many of your friends participate as you want. Of course, a simple M&M would make sense, but there are so many colors, you truly could do whatever. Just grab an oversized t shirt of any classic M&M color, draw on an M, and throw on some socks of the same color to complete the look.

Stay safe, and have a happy Halloween, UMass Boston!

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