If you are like me, you are probably counting down the days until the end of the semester. It is not that I hate school or what I am studying, I really enjoy everything I have been learning this semester. You know, I suddenly understand why some people take that year before coming back for their master’s. We all need breaks, even if we do enjoy what we’re doing. That is what weekends are for! So, this week’s article is on how to enjoy the rest of your semester as a college student, without really trying:

Take advantage of the remaining student activities

The events put forth by Student Activities are a great way to meet other students, unwind and, if you’re lucky, maybe even make new friends. You can check out the calendars posted weekly in The Mass Media or just check out what’s going on at UMBeInvolved. Even if you don’t end up going because life decided to get in your way, R.S.V.P. anyway. That way when you start feeling stir-crazy from studying too much, instead of thinking, “I really wish I had decided to go to that thing,” you can.

Come to campus

This semester I am taking all online classes, and so technically I do not have to set foot on campus. But even if you are like me and do not have much reason to be on campus, come anyway! Take advantage of the resources, especially the library and café spaces and scattered hangouts areas. Sure, it can be a bit of a trek, but something is always happening on campus. I have especially noticed that if I go somewhere quiet here I get more done than if I were at home. Your home will always be there for you to bum around in, but you will not always have the privileges that being a student allows you access to. And, hey, if you are feeling extra motivated, take advantage of the free gym for that extra focus! I’ve found going to the gym in the mornings always helps me get out of any weekend funks staying at home have put me in. (And you can study on that cardio machine if you’re really feeling ambitious).

Form study groups within classes

This kind of goes with the above. Chances are some students are failing classes, even if you are not. If you are not, that is a bonus because you likely know what you are doing that can prove useful if you reach out and ask on the forums on BlackBoard if anyone needs help and wants to start meeting up. Sometimes we just need accountability partners the last few weeks, especially if you are feeling any sort of burnt out. There is just something about not wanting somebody else to fail on your account that makes you want to work that much harder.

Start preparing your next chapter

I do not know what it is, but it took me too long to realize I should have started preparing myself for a job back in January, not August as my summer class wraps up. If you are still a student, take advantage of the Career Services department and their resume and cover letter workshops as well as events. Start working on your LinkedIn profile and adding connections and keeping in touch with people you may need later. If you have time, go check out the buildings you may be thinking of working in and find ways to make friends with those people. Nobody ever got hurt preparing themselves for the future, and isn't that what we are doing by coming here?

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