Holidays activities in Beantown

A group of people at the Snowport Fair in Seaport.

The holidays are here! No matter what holiday one celebrates, there are plenty of things to do around Boston—some festive and some not. With classes about to finish and the possibility of free time ahead, people may be looking for a way to spend their days. For something to do in the city this December, keep reading!

If someone is looking to truly experience Boston this month, there is a “Boston: Holiday Lights and Festive Sights Trolley Tour” that is meant to offer just that. It takes guests on a guided trolley tour throughout the city, and anyone lucky enough to ride will be treated to the sight of festive light displays and the taste of hot chocolate. 

As an added bonus, people will be a given a gift bag once the day is over. Tour dates should be available throughout the rest of December, and tickets can be purchased online (1). Make sure to grab them before they sell out!

If a family is looking to do something with their kids, the popular show “Disney On Ice” will be coming to the Agganis Arena this December. Filled with acrobatics, expert skating and fun songs, it will certainly offer any family a good time. If anyone is looking to avoid something Christmas-related, as their religion may not celebrate the holiday, this is also an event that isn’t centered around Christmas. Multiple showings will be held from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2, so anyone interested should take advantage of this opportunity quickly (2). 

For those who specifically want to celebrate Hanukkah, the Museum of Fine Arts is holding an event celebrating the holiday on Dec. 15. Running from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., the event will include displays, activities and live music. Tickets are currently being sold, so if this sounds interesting, make sure to go to the Museum of Fine Arts website and check it out.

For those who celebrate Kwanzaa, there will be a Community Kwanzaa Crawl on Dec. 29. Starting at 4 p.m., the first stop will be the Roxbury Branch Library, where those participating will come together for a candlelight gathering. The second stop will be made the following day, Dec. 30, and will be held at the Parker Hill Branch Library. This day will celebrate both the musical and poetic talents prided in the community. This event starts at 1:30 p.m., and would be a great way to celebrate the holiday.

For those looking to show their kids what Santa’s workshop at the North Pole is all about, they can catch a small glimpse of it at the Franklin Park Zoo. The addition of colorful lights makes the location seem more festive, and the park is also holding an event called “Zoolights” throughout the entirety of this month. 

At the park, visitors can take a look at Yukon Creek with its black bears, reindeer and arctic foxes, or catch a glimpse of Mrs. Claus herself. Visitors on Dec. 20 will also be able to see the Polymnia Choral Society perform. If one is looking to take a selfie with Mrs. Claus, or get a photo of a real reindeer, this is the perfect stop (3). 

Everything previously mentioned is great for children, but how about some experiences for the adults? If that’s what somebody wants, then they will be sure to find it at the Boston Pub Crawl along the Freedom Trail. There are four historic taverns located on the aforementioned trail. 

This tour not only aims to take its guests to all of the historic taverns, but it also plans to explain their significance. It isn’t for those looking to get into the holiday spirit, but for those looking to have drinks at interesting bars. After all, people don’t have to celebrate a holiday in order to deck the halls (4). 

Finally, for those looking for a non-kid-focused holiday experience, there is the Holiday Brunch Cruise through Boston Harbor. Guests are treated to hot chocolate while they take in the sights around them. They also, as the name of the cruise implies, are treated to brunch. It has three courses and is freshly prepared for visitors. For those who simply want to take in some sights without needing to hear kids ask questions about how fast Santa’s sleigh can fly, this is probably the event for you (5).

The aforementioned list has been an attempt to provide activities for anyone looking to leave their house at some point in the next few weeks. However, there is always the option of staying indoors and spending time with family and friends. No matter what holiday somebody celebrates, it is sure to be one filled with love and cheer!


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