Boston Fashion Week

Boston Fashion Week began Sept. 30, and ended Oct. 6. I was lucky enough to attend the show, Luxury Fashion on Newbury Street, on the show’s last night. This year’s designers included: Conrad Lamour, Lavish Living, Sylvie Dahi, Chrissy Sardano, and a new, resort brand, Rio–Sao Paulo Collection. The tickets ranged from $60 to $100, gifting each guest a bottle of wine or champagne, and samples of makeup, perfume, or skincare from brands like Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, and Prada.

The designers are all well known, having experience all over the world for their career. The only designer who may have been a bit less experienced (in the best way possible) would be Sardano. She is currently a junior at Boston University, and is attending for business.

The fashion show was held at Emmanuel Church on Newbury Street. It was very discrete, with a gentleman standing non-chalantly in front of the doors, who would let you in if you say that you’re looking for the fashion show. The inside of the church was breathtaking, particularly where the runway was. The room was lined with small statues of women, painted in 24-karat gold, in light of the church being one of the first to honor women.

The models held a bond that seemed like they were family. In the back when they were all changing and getting their hair and makeup ready, they would be dancing with one another to the music in the background, and talking. I expected a much more serious hustle environment, but they did things perfectly in their relaxed ways.

The show began at 8:45 p.m., but there were people lining up outside in the 60-degree weather by 7:30 p.m., as the doors opened. Seats were limited, and so they filled up quickly, and the rest of the viewers poured out of the entrance, keeping standing view.

The models for each line were incredibly diverse. Ranging in skin tone, body type, age, etc. These designers took advantage of the beautiful diversity we hold here in Boston, and had models with all types of tattoos, piercings, hair styles, and so on.

The designs that were showcased on the runway had a wide range for each designer’s line. Lamour’s line had bright dresses doused in sparkles, making the model look as if she was attending a New Year’s Eve night on the town. Sardano’s line had a unique style with beautiful floor-length gowns made of sheer material that flowed through the air as the models walked by. Lavish Living kept things cool, with a modern design that gave Yeezy vibes. This brand was primarily showcased by men, but they also had a line for women. Most of these pieces were sweatshirt style, rather than glamorous gowns, but this created a more modern-day fashion feel, so it worked well. Sylvie Dahi had elegant dresses that caught everyone’s eye because of the simplicity mixed with the utter beauty these pieces held.

Overall, the show was an amazing success that ended with an after party at a nearby restaurant. The whole room had a lively aura for the throughout the party. The countdown until the next show begins now.

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