College is stressful and sometimes sleep is not a student's number-one priority. This leads to students drinking caffeine to keep themselves awake to study or do homework. Well, most of the time people use coffee or energy drinks and, as a lover of tea, I wanted to tell people what teas they can drink instead of coffee! I am going to tell you about a very caffeinated tea, a tea that is like coffee’s little sister, and herbal tea, which is said to give you energy as well. 

The first tea up for discussion is Matcha! This is one of the more interesting teas to drink because it is made up of crunched up tea leaves. This makes the tea into a powder that you then mix together with a whisk-like object to make tea. This not only makes the tea more delicious but it also gives it more caffeine! The reason for this is that the leaves are crushed so you get more out of the leaves then you would if you used a bag of tea. It’s kind of like comparing drinking a cup of coffee to a shot of espresso. The tea is usually a little bitter though and it can be sweetened, but I would not suggest adding cream to it because of how it is made. Also, towards the end you get grimy bits that are very bitter, so this might not be the first choice for everyone. 

The next tea is the closest thing tea has to a cup of joe: English Breakfast tea. This is a very strong black tea that is made to give you a pick-me-up in the morning. It does not have as much caffeine as coffee, but it will add something to your morning. The reason I call this "coffee’s little sister" is because of the fact that it is very good to get a regular, cream and sugar, English Breakfast tea. You can add creamer, sweeteners, and flavoring just like you would coffee, so it is a great tea for people to make the switch from coffee to. This is also a lot easier than Matcha to make because all you need to do is pour hot water, open a tea bag, and pop that bad boy in. 

Now, the last tea is a little weird because I don’t know if it works or if it just has a placebo effect. Ginger tea is said to be a great way to start your mornings. It wakes you up, refreshes you, and tastes very good! This is also a really easy tea to make because all you need to do is boil water, pour it into a cup, and throw the tea bag in. The only problem with this tea is that I cannot tell if it worked for me because it actually works or if it worked because I wanted it to work. If you are someone who wants a pick me up, but do not want a ton of caffeine, then this might be the tea for you; but if you want more of a punch, I would pass on ginger tea. 

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