So, I am sure most of the people reading this have used Uber Eats at least once if not twice to get something to eat when they were too lazy to get off the couch. Being the tea lover I am, I decided to do this with bubble tea and see if it is worth it to Uber Eats it or not. The downside is that I did not find any bubble tea near me on Uber Eats so I jumped onto GrubHub and found that I had no luck there either! It is like I do not live anywhere near a bubble tea place so I decided to have it driven to the school instead. When all else fails, order Bubble tea in Boston. I decided to use the Umass Boston's Dorms address because it is the place that most people order to on campus. Going back onto Uber Eats, I tried to find Bubble tea again and decided to order from Kung Fu Tea in Quincy, MA. 

I decided to get a few different flavors to try because I am spending money to have it delivered so I might as well get my money's worth out of it. The three flavors I got were Cold Kf Milk Tea for $4.68, Cold Kf Green Tea for $3.85, and lastly I got the Passion Fruit Green Tea for $4.68. So In total, including a 20% tip I paid $23.15. If I had gone to the store and ordered my drinks there, it would have cost me $13.21. That is about a $10 difference in price. So, would I order Bubble Tea over Uber Eats again? Probably not. The price is just not worth it for me if I can go and get it for $10 cheaper. Plus, the subway is only $2.75 each way and it would not kill me to leave my house and live a little. Not only that, waiting for the tea to be delivered takes such a long time. To get my bubble tea I waited for about 40 minutes, even though Uber Eats said it would only be 25 to 35 minutes for my delivery. 

Okay, now that I am done complaining about spending money I can get to the real meaty part of this review, the tea! The first tea I tried was the milk tea and that is because you can really tell if a bubble tea place is good by its milk tea. I ordered my tea with regular sweetness and added the original boba to it. The milk tea was very good! Nothing really stood out about it, but I would not turn it away if someone offered it to me. The next tea I tried was the green tea and that is because I love green tea. I have fond memories of drinking green tea with my father as a kid so, it holds a special place in my heart. The tea was very good, again nothing really stood out to me about it but I would drink it any day! The last tea I tried was the passion fruit tea and that is because it did not come with milk. It was a normal iced tea just with bubbles added to it. Honestly, I really liked it and it made the drink much more refreshing than the other two bubble teas. I will say though, if you want bubble tea just go and buy it.

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