Ruckus, located in the heart of Chinatown in Boston, is a small, almost hidden noodle shop. They are described as a “funky, intimate eatery offering a small but strong selection of Asian noodle soups” according to Yelp. I would agree with the description and add they are also a quite lively place. The restaurant was very bright and full of color, with LED strip lights that changed colors and flashed surrounding the bar and windows. There was also a good amount of dramatic and popping art throughout the location. The music was club-like, loud and pulsating, a bit much for the size and vibe of the place on a quiet rainy Wednesday night.

While there, we tried the "Tokyo Style Ramen" and the "Lamb Stir Fry," both very large portions, more than enough for one person to eat. The food was good, but the ramen especially was my favorite; it contained pork belly, bok choy, togarashi, nori and soy egg all in a miso broth. The stir fry was made up of wide rice noodles, basil, watercress, bean sprouts, lamb bits and a slow poached farm egg. 

I would give the restaurant four out of five stars, because, although the food was great, the environment and music could be better, based on the crowd and the amount of people in the restaurant. I also felt that the selection was a bit limited with only two starters and six main entrees, two of which were vegan, and no dessert. Overall the food was tasty, and I would make sure to go back on a more eventful evening, preferably a cold day, when the warm broth would be comforting.

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