Shore Leave is a restaurant and tiki bar located at 11 William E. Mullins Way Boston, Mass, right across from Ink Block apartments. The location is actually quite hidden, as when you walk in, you have to travel down the undergrounds of the block it is located on. The vibe is laid back, yet somewhat upscale. The d├ęcor is tiki styled, and there is very low lighting. We were seated and we were given an extensive drink menu, as well as a food menu, offering a food array of tapas style plates. The food served are twists on mostly Asian dishes. We opted to split the Road to Guavalajara drink, which is served in a volcano type bowl. It was similar to a margarita, and they put a yogurt type topping on the top with charred lime. We decided to taste a little bit of everything, as it was suggested by our server to order four to five dishes to split. We tried the popcorn first, which was coated with a seaweed type topping. The next plate was the crispy rice salad. This had shrimp and lots of greens on it, which was a refreshing start to the meal. Next came out the three hot dishes we ordered. We had the scallion pancakes, the BBQ short ribs, and the chicken wings. All three were quite tasty, and the scallion pancakes were my favorite. All in all I would suggest trying this place out for a light meal and mostly for drinks. They have an ever changing menu as well, and the new menu for this round seems just as appetizing as the last!

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