Last week, I wrote an article about the Taylors of Harrogate Tea Classic Tea variety gift box. This week I am going to conclude the review, talking about the remaining six teas. The two teas that I reviewed last week were the Green Tea with Jasmine and the Organic Peppermint tea. The last six teas I am going to talk about are the English Breakfast, Decaffeinated English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lemon & Orange, and Pure Assam.

The English Breakfast tea is your normal English Breakfast tea. It is a black tea with a very strong flavor. Usually, people add cream and sugar to it because it is like having your morning coffee but with tea instead. This tea is better hot than cold, and the same could be said for its decaffeinated counterpart, which has the same flavor as well. To make this tea, all you have to do is follow the brewing instructions on the back of the packet. Just let the tea bag sit in hot water for four to six minutes depending on how strong you like your tea to be. You may add cream and sugar if you want, and then you are ready to enjoy your cup of tea.

The next tea on my list is the Earl Grey tea, a black tea with a much more delicate flavor than the English Breakfast, but it still packs a punch. I have mentioned in the past that I am not the biggest fan of Earl Grey tea, but this one was good, and I managed to drink a full cup of it for this review and kind of enjoyed it! If you are a fan of Earl Grey, then this is definitely a tea you should try. This also has the brewing instructions on the back of the packet, and is very easy to make. Just pour some hot water and let the tea bag steep for about four to six minutes. Earl Grey is another tea that is usually better hot, and if you would like, you could also add cream and sugar to the mix or a lemon.

Speaking of lemons, this brings me to the best tea out of the whole box of: Orange and Lemon. This tea was full of flavor and can be drunk hot or cold. It did not hide the fact that there was citrus in it, and honestly that is how I like my fruity teas! This is an herbal tea, so it only needs to brew for five minutes at most. The flavor is nice, but if you add cream you could end up drowning it out; so, if you need to add anything to this tea, I would stick with sugar or honey.

The last tea I am going to talk about is the Pure Assam. When I first saw this in the sampler, I had no idea what it was and that made me even more excited to try it. When I was reading reviews about it on Amazon, I found out that the leaves have been smoked, and it gave it a malty flavor. The reviews were correct, and even though it is not a very common flavor, it is a good one. If someone is new to drinking tea, this might not be the best one to start with, but if you are a seasoned pro, then I would go for it because it has such a bold flavor!

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