The Longfellow Bar sits atop the Harvard Square restaurant Alden and Harlow as its slightly more casual addition. The two-story bar offers a relaxed space with the perfect integration of vintage-inspired and modern décor. While the lower level reached the point of standing room only, the upper level remained a relaxed area where one could enjoy specialty drinks and “elevated bar food.” Such bar food consists of Warm Rye Pretzels ($9), Crab Rangoon “Nachos” ($9), messy waffle fries ($10), and two types of burgers ($14 and $15), among other things.  The bar encourages a “hands on experience” of eating and sharing food, which is why they replace the forks on the table with branded moist towelettes. Their wine and beer menu hosts a wide range of tiers, from a $5 bottle of Budweiser to a $70 bottle of El Dorado red wine. Hand-crafted drinks, with names such as Reelin’ in the Years, Fire in the Hole, and Change of the Guard, are the bartenders’ specialties—but they’ll mix up any of the classics upon request. At $12, the Fire in the Hole (Irish Whisky, Charred Peach, Citric Acid) was a bit pricey for a college student’s average Friday night. That being said, the meal seemingly pays for itself when taking into consideration the upscale-rustic vibe, the Instagram worthy bar food, and the complimentary Lifesavers, q-tips, tampons and bobby pins in the bathrooms. For those looking to splurge once in a while—or just once—take a trip to Harvard Square and visit the Longfellow Bar.

4 out of 5 stars

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