The Three Peep-keteers: Not a Good Trio

Did you know that there’s more than just those normal pink, blue and yellow Peeps? Yup, they could not just stick with the sugar-covered marshmallow chicks and bunnies, so they expanded! I was in a CVS in some random town, and I looked over and saw brown Peeps. The first thing I thought was, “Oh, chocolate Peeps. I wonder if they are any good.” However, I was wrong, they were Pancakes with Syrup and they had other flavors as well. My quest for whatever I had gone in there for had changed to me leaving with four boxes of peeps: Plain, Pancakes with Syrup, Cotton Candy, and Party Cake. Honestly, I was terrified of what all of these were going to taste like because I am not the biggest fan of  Peeps. They make my stomach feel sick, and I cannot have more than one at a time. But, I decided to give this a try regardless.

When I got home, I ripped open every single package of Peeps and was not happy with what I smelled. The normal ones smelled like sugar (the typical smell), the Pancakes with Syrup made me gag, Cotton Candy smelled amazing, and Party Cake smelled like boxed cake batter. Overall, I was horrified to put all of these in my body because, again, they were weird. The first one I tried was the Original Peep in yellow. It tasted like sugar and food coloring which I did not enjoy but I did it for all of you, and I needed something to use as a base.

The next peep I tried was the Pancakes and Syrup and, man, that was bad. It tasted exactly like pancakes with fake syrup, but the fact that it was in Peep form freaked me out. I could not get past the fact that they were not actually real food, and I just could not stomach it. If you really like pancakes and syrup, though, you will like these Peeps if you can get past the fact that they are Peeps.

The next one I tried was my favorite, the Cotton Candy Peeps! They tasted just like cotton candy and they were very pretty. They had hot pink sugar and blue flakes and the best taste to go with it

Lastly, I tried Party Cake Peeps, which were a disappointment. The color was promising, they were white with rainbow flakes which was very enticing. The smell and the taste though were far from good. I did not even finish one Peep because they tasted bad; if you like cake, you will not like these. They taste like cupcake ChapStick, which we all know tastes nothing like cupcakes.

If you are interested in these Peeps, then go right ahead and put your taste buds and stomach on the line. The sweet smells and the colorful sugars are more suited for a kid’s sweet tooth than my own, and I have a big sweet tooth. I was interested in seeing how many flavors of Peeps they came out with, so I went to their website to find the answer. On the website, I counted five flavors of Peeps, not including special packages or the Peep Delights. The one I missed was Blue Raspberry, and I am not sad or disappointed by that at all.

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