What would you do if you had so much money that you could literally spend it on anything you wanted to buy? You could get yourself a private yacht or a giant diamond. I know my boyfriend would get himself a new motorcycle and a car, but I am a little different. I love the taste of finer, more expensive foods, so I would go out and spend a stupid amount of money on tea. This leads me to this question; what is the most expensive tea in the world? So, this week we will be looking at the top three most expensive teas in the world. I ended up on this website called Teabloom, and it is a website all about tea. Along with being able to buy tea, tea sets, and anything else tea related, they also have a section called teatime notes. This is where I found information on the most expensive teas in the world. 

The first tea is called Da-Hong Pao Tea and it is $1.2 million per kilo, which is $1.2 million per (around) 2.2 pounds of tea. Considering each bag of tea has about 555 cups of tea in the cost, that makes each bag of tea about $2,162. This is expensive; not the most expensive tea in the world, but it is worth noting. Not only is it pricey, but it has a history connected to it. The Chinese date the tea back to the Ming Dynasty and it is considered a national treasure. Usually this tea is given as a gift to someone who is being honored or is in high class society. The tea is said to have the flavor of black tea with fruity and nutty notes, but is said to not be bitter whatsoever. Honestly, if I was ever given the opportunity to try this tea, I would. 

The next tea that will be talked about is the PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag which is $15,000 per tea bag! What makes this tea so expensive is not the tea itself, but what the tea comes in! When the British Tea Company turned 75 years old, they wanted to do something that stood out, and that was this tea. The tea bags are covered in 280 diamonds and the inside of the tea bag is filled with Silver Tips Imperial Tea. The first thing I have to ask is, how does this tea even steep? Do they take the tea out of the bag? Are there breaks between the diamonds to allow water into the bag? I could not find anything about the taste of this tea, and from what I can tell, the only thing that is special about this tea is the tea bag and I would not try it. 

The last tea is not nearly as expensive as the other two teas but it had a really cute name, Panda Dung Tea! Yup, this tea is made out of panda poop and people pay to drink it! I am just kidding, this tea is made of tea leaves from tea trees that are fertilized with panda dung. A cup of tea is about $200 and the taste is said to have a mature nutty taste. Still, I think I would pay for a cup of this tea if I had a chance.

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