UMass Boston has sent numerous students to study in Sevilla for an academic semester. Students can take classes in English or Spanish and earn credits toward their UMass Boston graduation. Stop by the Study Abroad Office in Campus Center 2100, and find a program that best fits your degree requirements.

Sevilla is southern Spain’s hidden gem. The vibrant and bustling city in the Andalucía region is home to beautiful parks, fascinating landmarks and raw Spanish culture. Getting around via the metro or by car is very common, however biking is also a major form of transportation. Although a beautiful city, the people that live there give Sevilla its character. Head over to the neighborhood of Triana for pottery shops that have been in the family for generations, or along the river where some of the best restaurants in the city reside. The cathedral and the surrounding area are filled with authentic shops and more restaurants. Sevilla is a wonderful walkable city that has so much to offer and should definitely be integrated into any trip to Europe. So, here are our top ten things to do in Sevilla:

El Alcázar: The Alcazar is the oldest royal palace in use in Spain. Comprised of Christian and Muslim architecture, it is a hidden gem of downtown Sevilla. The palace is filled with beautiful gardens and courtyards. You will recognize it as the filming location of “Dorne” from HBO’s "Game of Thrones."

Triana: The Triana neighborhood of Sevilla has a distinct culture of its own. Resting on the riverbank, its colorful houses set it apart from the rest of the city. The Triana Market is a must do, serving traditional tapas and cuisine of southern Spain.

Flamenco: One of the best things you can do in Sevilla is find a hole-in-the-wall flamenco bar and watch what they do. Passionate dancing and music are how they’ve done it for centuries, and they’ve truly perfected the art of flamenco dancing.

Fería de Abril: Sevilla is known for its Feria de Abril, a week-long celebration in April where lively music, passionate dance, and delicious food blend seamlessly together. Originally like a trade fair, it has been vamped up over the decades and is a great way to see and celebrate the culture.

Paella: A rice dish that incorporates spices, vegetables and seafood or other meats, Paella can be found at any restaurant around the city. It is a staple of Spanish cuisine originating in Valencia, but Sevillans do it best. From very specific and expensive base ingredients to pans with divots that reserve the flavor, paella is a MUST try while visiting.

Easy Access to Morocco, Portugal, and the UK: Sevilla sits just a short bus ride away from the Strait of Gibraltar where you can catch a ferry to Morocco or spend a day in the English territory of Gibraltar. You’ll be able to visit the most beautiful beaches in Europe by just driving a few hours to Portugal.

Las Setas: One of the largest wood structures in Europe, LAs Setas serves as a fun and exciting gathering place. The base is lined with bars, restaurants and shops. It also has a walking path atop the structure where you can get some of the best views of the city.

Torre del Oro: The “Tower of Gold” sits prominently on the Guadalquivir river that runs through the city. It formerly served as a watchtower that guarded the river during Muslim rule in Southern Spain.

La Giralda: This is the bell tower of Sevilla’s famous Cathedral. Though originally built to serve as a mosque tower, it was later converted to a catholic bell tower following the exile of Muslims from Spain in the 13th century. La Giralda is the heart of the city, and many sculptures and works of art around the city incorporate its beauty.

Plaza de España: A famous plaza built in Sevilla for the 1929 World Exposition. The Plaza is by far Sevilla’s most famous landmark. It sits in the Maria Luisa Park and is featured in Star Wars films!

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