I'm the best Trivia Crack player on the planet. 

Now, I don't say that lightly, but I really think it's true. You may say I'm cocky but I've got the game to back it up. You know, like Richard Sherman. I first started playing in December and since then I've lost a total of eight games, but I won over 100. There have been instances in the past where someone has sent the game over to me for my first turn and I've never given it back, just collecting six characters in a row and claiming my three coins with a combination of exaltation and pity for my inferiors. It's been great to see a trivia game make it to the mainstream, as I spent many a-night yearning for someone to beat, but outside of getting off my fat ass and going to a bar, I was out of luck.

I first started to notice I had a knack for general knowledge back in high school, when nobody invited me to anything and all I had to keep me from going completely insane were books and the History Channel. Those friendless years, coupled with a good memory that runs in the family have given me the tools to become the Michael Jordan of the trivia app world. With that in mind, I wanted to impart some of my knowledge to ya'll readers and help you impress your mom with your Trivia Crack skills the same way I've been able to impress mine. 

1. Know your order of characters and don't stray from it.

This is such a huge part of the game and people overlook it. You need to know which characters you want to get first before you start a particular game. You always want to get what you find easiest first and work backwards to the hardest ones. For me, I always start with sports because it's where I'm strongest (97% success rate, I mean to brag) and then get history, entertainment, geography, science, and close with art (which is by far the hardest category). The reason you want to start with your strengths is because when you get a question for a character wrong, your turn gets wiped clean when it comes back to you, meaning you have to answer three questions again before you can get the piece back. If you get a question for a character wrong early in the game, it could put you in a deep deficit. It's better to open up a big lead and take your chances down the stretch.

2. Try not to have too many games going on at once. 

Basically everyone you know will challenge you on Trivia Crack. People who you haven't talked to since tenth grade bio will challenge you on Trivia Crack. Just know when to say no. I like to have no more than three games going at any given time. If you're playing too many games at once you won't have your head in the game and you'll slip. You'll be too worried about your next turn in a different game and you won't focus at the task at hand, which is to crush your opponent. I know you're thinking, "Does he really take this that seriously?" The answer is "yes."

3. Only use skips, don't bother with the other lifelines. 

This is very straightforward. Skips only cost three coins and because most questions in this game are fairly easy, there's a very low chance you'll get something you don't know twice in a row. 

4. Only use your skips on a character question.

This is probably my most controversial tip, seeing as I've had heated arguments with friends about this tactic. My logic is if you miss a regular question, you just pick up where you left off during your last turn when the game comes back to you, but if you get a character question—or a question after you've answered three in a row correctly or landed on a crown on the wheel—wrong, then you need to get three more in a row correct to make up lost ground. In other words, you're screwed. Using a skip greatly increases your chance of getting that character piece, and you only need to get six of those to win a game so it pays to be aggressive.

5. If you have an iPhone, put it on do not disturb mode.

I learned this the hard way. If you're in the middle of answering a question and you receive a call, the clock doesn't stop. Even if you hang up quickly or send it to voicemail, time will run out on you, sending the game back to your opponent. 

There are two things on Trivia Crack which make you want to die inside—getting a character question wrong, and running out of time. Don't let those happen and you won't feel like you just came back from three months in Azkaban. 

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