I am always looking for new ways to drink tea, so this week I am reviewing K-Cup teas that I found on my trip to Walmart. I picked up two different kinds of tea, Twining’s Green Tea and English Breakfast Tea. Each pack came with three cups of tea and were $2 each. This is about 67 cents per cup of tea. It’s not the most expensive tea I have had but not the cheapest either. On the bright side, the taste of this tea is pretty good.

When I brewed the English Breakfast Tea, I was pleasantly surprised by its bold taste. It came out hot and very strong, just how I like my black tea! The smell was neutral, like any old black tea that you would get anywhere else. I was worried that the tea would come out watery or would not taste right, but it was good! I was also a little concerned when I saw the color, scared that I had mixed it up for a cup of coffee instead of tea. Once I added sugar and some almond milk, though, it hit the spot.

The green tea was just as good. It came out hot but not as strong, but that could also be how Twining makes their green tea; I personally like a very strong tea. The color was a very nice light green, and it just felt calming. Now, both of these teas were really good and really easy to make, but is the price worth it for the amount of tea?

The one problem with this tea is that it is much more expensive than the normal pre-bagged tea. I went onto Amazon to compare the price to other packs of Twining’s tea. For a 20-pack of Twining’s English Breakfast Tea, it is $5.27. That means each cup of tea is worth 26 or 52 cents per cup of tea, depending on if you use one or two bags for your tea. For a 25-pack of Twining’s Green tea, it is $6.50, which comes out to the same price per cup.

Personally, I think it is worth it, money-wise and flavor-wise, to buy the boxes of bagged tea, because you can adjust how much tea you are using, and you have more tea for a longer period of time. However, I will say that I prefer the K-Cup tea because of how easy it is to use. I do not have to heat up the water in the microwave, and then pull out the tea bag, let it steep, and then make my cup of tea. I just press a button, and it’s ready. So, each has its benefits and disadvantages, but I think I’m going to stick with using both, depending on what my plan is for that day.

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