This week I tried three different teas that are way too fancy for their own good. By that, I mean these teas have really fancy names that caught my eye. For Christmas, I got a Twinings tea sampler with one of each tea that they make. There were quite a few weird teas that came in the pack, and I have not reviewed most of them because there was no reason to or they were just boring and everyone already knew about them. You can also expect to see more about this tea sampler in the future as well! Now, it is time for me to shut up and talk about the teas I tried: Prince of Wales, English Afternoon Tea, and Lady Grey.

Prince of Wales was the first one I had, and it was really good. I let the tea steep for three minutes in hot water, and I did not add any cream or sugar because I wanted to see how it compared to other plain black teas. Adding cream or sugar would have gotten in the way of that and changed the taste. It was a very smooth, black tea that danced on the tongue instead of punching it. Whenever you have English Breakfast tea or Lipton’s normal black tea, there is always a little bit of a punch to it that lingers on the tongue after every sip. I am personally a fan of this, but others are not so if you want a gentle black tea then this is the tea for you. This is also a pretty cheap tea, being $5 for a pack of 20 on Amazon, or 25 cents per tea packet.

The next tea I tried was English Afternoon Tea. I steeped this tea for three minutes, and I did not add cream or sugar to it because I wanted to compare it to its older brother, English Breakfast tea. It was a black tea as well which did not surprise me because the British love their black tea! It was not as strong as a black tea but it was not as gentle as the Prince of Wales tea. Honestly, it was named perfectly as well because it makes a great afternoon pick me up without being too much. A pack of this tea is also cheap as well being the same price as the Prince of Wales tea. If you like black tea, you will be sure to like this as well.

The last tea I tried was Lady Grey, and I was skeptical because her husband and I have a few issues. I read on the back that it was fruity, so I got really hopeful. After letting it steep for about three minutes, I took a whiff. And it broke my heart! It smelled very strongly of Earl Grey with but a hint of fruit to it. I can’t tell you how much I dislike Earl Grey tea. It tastes like someone took a perfume bottle and sprayed it straight into my mouth. I hated Lady Grey, by the way, because it tasted just like Earl Grey—a VERY strong Earl Grey. The thing is, if you like Earl Grey, then this might be a really good tea for you. On Amazon, it is only $5 for a pack of 20, and you only need one tea bag for a strong brew.

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