This week, I tried three different herbal fruit teas by Twinings. Twinings of London is a tea brand that I have a lot of, and this is because for Christmas I got a box of about 60 different kinds of tea, one of each of their teas. The logical thing to do was to divide the teas into groups that go well together and write about them. The three teas I tried this time were Orange Cinnamon Spice tea, Pomegranate and Raspberry tea, and Wild Berries tea.

The Orange Cinnamon Spice tea was the first tea I tried, and it was my favorite among all of them. I am a huge fan of cinnamon, so it wasn’t a surprise that it turned out to be my favorite. I heated up some water in the microwave for three minutes and let the tea bag steep for about three to four minutes. The color was a very pretty fire orange, and it had a pungent aroma of cinnamon. When I tasted it, the first thing that I was hit with was the cinnamon, ending with a refreshing orange after-taste. It was comparable to another tea I tried by Celestial Seasonings called Bengal Spice. It was really good, and if you are interested in buying it, you could find a pack of 20 for $6 on Amazon.

The second tea I tried was the Pomegranate and Raspberry tea. Again, I prepared it just like the previous tea. The color was a very pretty purple-red. The smell was sweet, with a little bit of  sourness. The pomegranate was the strongest of the two flavors, with the raspberry being more of an undertone. I think the tea would have been better iced and lightly sweetened but even then, I probably would not drink it again because I am not a fan of pomegranate-heavy teas. If you are interested in buying this tea, you can get a pack of 20 on Amazon also for about $6.

The last tea I tried was the Wild Berry tea. I let this tea steep a little longer than the rest accidently, about 3 minutes longer. I would suggest only doing three to four minutes but if you forget like I did, it won’t kill the flavor. The color of the tea was a very pretty red, and it smelled like Crystal Light Mixed Berry. The flavor was very strong and bold, and I could not pick out a single type of berry, which is nice. It is annoying when a mixed tea has a single overpowering flavor, so that you miss out on everything else. This tea would also be really good iced and sweetened, but it is not required because it is a very good tea on its own. If you want to buy some of this for yourself, Amazon sells a pack of 20 for $4.

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