UMass Boston's Theatre Department Gets Wilde This Fall

Whether you’re looking for a way to kick-start your performing arts degree, looking for a course that will spark new interests, or simply trying to fill an empty space in your fall schedule, the University of Massachusetts Boston offers an array of courses and programs that will energize your week—every week!

From Keyboard I to University Chorus, Theatre Production to Intermediate Ballet, there is a wide range of courses available to students who want to make the most out of their time on campus. Though some of the courses and programs offered are, in fact, audition only, a majority of these courses are open to anyone looking to learn a new skill!

Some of the courses within the music department offered this fall are Music 101: University Chorus; Music 102: Chamber Singers (audition only); Music 104: Jazz Band (audition only); Music 106: Orchestra 1 (audition only); Music 109: Music Collaboratory; Music 131: Elements: Keyboard I; and Music 132 : Elements: Keyboard II.

If the idea of having to practice and learn in front of a whole class of students is a little too intimidating, Music 185 offers individuals lessons across a range of instruments and musical capabilities. For those looking for a more physical and less musical opportunity, Dance 131: Musical Theatre, and Dance 232: Intermediate Ballet are also offered as classes during the fall semester.

 Things will be getting wild(e) this fall, as the Performing Arts Department prepares for the fall production of "The Importance of Being Earnest." Auditions will be held on September 12 & 13! This year, UMass Boston’s own Performing Arts Department will also be performing a Holiday Musical Theatre Spectacular in December! For more information on other performances, audition dates, and times, please be sure to visit the UMass Boston website!  

Regardless of whether you’re an incoming freshman looking for a place at the university to call your own, or a senior who’s looking for a final memory to round out their degree, UMass Boston has an array of classes and programs for students to dive into!

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