You want to save money and make your coffee at home. On paper this is a great idea, because you do not have to wait for coffee, you save money, and it tastes good! That's until you take a sip of your coffee, and while it's not bad, Dunkin’ would do it better. It has the cream and sugar, but it is missing the flavor that you so desperately need. At least this is the problem I ran into. When I make my coffee in the morning I like to add Splenda and almond milk. When I get a coffee from Dunkin’, I get it with Splenda, almond milk, and some kind of flavor shot. So, I started looking into ways to add flavor to my coffee without having to pay a stupid amount of money for a bottle of flavored syrup. Then it hit me while I was buying extract for a cake. The back of the box said to add it to coffee to make it more flavorful and that is exactly what I did!

There are so many different types of extract that I decided I needed to try as many as I could. I am also a fan of the more interesting flavors like raspberry and coconut so I felt I was a pretty good guinea pig for this. I went to the store and purchased 4 different flavors of extract: vanilla, raspberry, coconut and rum. They were $4.99 each and considering you only need a teaspoon for a cake I felt the price was worth it. I then went home and pulled out all of my coffee and made myself four cups of coffee with my Keurig. The first flavor I tried was the rum. I only added about 2–3 drops and that is all I needed. The coffee was bursting with flavor and the closest thing to compare it to was a rum cake. It was really really good. The next flavor I tried was the vanilla and it tasted like french vanilla coffee from Dunkin’. This made me so happy because french vanilla is my go to for coffee. It was such a nice flavor and again, I only needed 2–3 drops for my whole cup of coffee. The third flavor I tried was the raspberry flavor. I know most people are not a fan of raspberry in their coffee but it is honestly one of my favorite flavors. During the summer it becomes my staple coffee and because of that every time I drink it I think of nice weather and late nights by a fire. I guess what I am trying to say is that the raspberry was my favorite out of all of them due to the fact that it is connected with so many good memories. I added my 2–3 drops, mixed my coffee up, and wow. This coffee tastes just like the coffee I would get from Dunkin’ on my way to work in the summer. Last, but not least, was the coconut flavor. Again, this is not a very popular flavor for coffee but it is one of my favorite flavors of coffee. If you have ever had a dessert with coconut shavings on top and liked it then you will like this coffee. I only added 2–3 drops and the coffee had an amazing flavor to it again! The store also had flavors like peppermint, pumpkin spice, lemon, and a bunch of other flavors so there has to be something there for everyone. If you want to make your coffee at home and spice it up a bit then get some extract because it is WORTH IT!

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