What's Our Obsession With Apple Products?

Everywhere you go, you see someone using an iPhone, typing away on their MacBooks, wearing their AirPods at full volume. With many other phones out there (typically Android), do we truly believe that we buy Apple products because of the quality of the products or is it for the logo? We pay thousands of dollars for phones, hundreds for headphones and thousands for laptops, all the while a new version is being released every year. There’s always a newer version—a better version—that’s available, and it’s always a little bit more expensive.

I say all this being an avid Apple product user myself and have never used an Android device. I just recently purchased a MacBook as my laptop was getting too heavy, and I needed something that would last long. I had the same notion that most people do: Spend the extra money, and your products will last you longer. This may be true, but what about all the people who insist that their products are just as good as Apple’s? There’s a constant battle between Android and Apple users, debating which one is better. Once you choose a team, you’ve pretty much made your bed. Those who have always had iPhones never want to change (I sure don’t), and the same goes for Android. It becomes competitive, as if “No, mine’s better than yours” is a worthwhile argument and conversation to have.  

But why and how did we get this way? In the early 2000s, we all used BlackBerrys and that was the best product on the market at the time. It wasn’t even until the middle of 2007 that we were introduced to the iPhone. Did we have some groundbreaking news that made us all need to go get one of these magical devices? Or was it simply because everyone around us had made the switch? I’ll let you decide for yourself, but this topic should put into perspective for you the way our marketing system is created in America. We feel the need to use brand names to have the look we wish to achieve. However, our style isn’t dictated by what phone we have or what generation watch we own. We put so much value into these products as if they are indicative of who we are and where we stand in society. In reality, are we really all just becoming the same and letting it happen willingly?

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