On the weekend of May 22, Boston Calling Music Festival returned for their annual spring concert.

The second day of the festival opened with Krill, who answered a couple of questions asked by the audience. They were very open and friendly. Marina and the Diamonds came at about 6 p.m., opening things up with their single “Bubblegum Bitch.” Marina was dressed in a purple halter-top, a pair of matching pants, and a purple headband that lit up with the word ‘Froot’, which is the name of their newest album. There was also a big, life-sized apple on the side of the stage. Marina then asked the audience for some help wishing one of her bandmates a happy birthday by singing to him. They closed with one of their famous hit “How To Be a Heartbreaker.”

Boston Calling had yet another successful run this weekend. The line-up had well-known and well-loved notables, like My Morning Jacket, Beck, and the Pixies, sprinkled into a diverse and experimental range of performers. Beautiful weather, good food, and great music made for a relaxed atmosphere and an overall enjoyable weekend.

The season of music festivals continues in Boston when the semi-annual Boston Calling Music Festival returns to Boston’s City Hall Plaza this weekend. The party begins on Friday, May 22 at 6:30 p.m. Tame Impala takes the stage, followed by Sharon Van Etten and Grammy-award winning artist, Beck, closing out the night.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25th has forever changed the lives of tens of thousands. The death toll has exceeded 6200 people and is expected to rise as aid continues to trickle in.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: sex is great. It relieves stress, boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and, if you’re doing it right, it’s one hell of a work out. Sex is also a great way to connect with someone. It’s about mutual pleasure—or, it should be.

On April 30, eager guests filled the seats of the Boston Opera House to witness opening night of “Edge of Vision,” Boston Ballet’s second dance program of the season. The night delivered three different shows, including a world premiere choreography, a beautiful cello solo, and a resounding standing ovation from a fervent audience.


Since he was a young boy, Dan Mantoni has always been on the move. Not only has the Northbridge native found comfort in standing in the batter’s box as a hitter for the University of Massachusetts Boston baseball team, but the sophomore also has a second home on the mound, where he loves to strike batters out.

The Joker is the iconic Batman villain that has become a household name ever since Heath Ledger’s rendition of the character in the Christopher Nolan adaptation. The Joker has even been played by actors who in themselves are characters that are larger than life, namely, Jack Nicholson. Jared Leto has taken this on as a challenge to make the role different from other renditions and to make it his own. This attempt is surely made with the best of intentions and, based on the photo of Leto’s concept of The Joker that was released, it certainly has succeeded in being different.

In support of the Baltimore protests after the death of Freddie Gray, Boston had its own peaceful rally Wednesday, April 29. Thousands came together, started at the Boston police headquarters, and ended by Dudley Square in Roxbury.

On April 15, Freddie Gray was arrested and transported by six Baltimore officers, becoming fatally injured while in their custody. His neck broken, the 25-year-old African American male fell into a coma and died a week later, sparking protesting and rioting in Baltimore. This comes after a recent series of highly publicized events characterized by excessive police force, during an ongoing pubic conversation about racism within the criminal justice system.

The University of Massachusetts Boston is offering two make-up days for classes, to be assigned at the discretion of individual teachers, following cancellations brought on by consecutive snowstorms in the beginning of the 2015 spring semester.

Returning University of Massachusetts Boston community members will continue to witness the ongoing transformation of the UMass Boston campus in the fall, as part of the University's 25-year master plan. “There will be scaffolding around the Healey Building as phase II roof work continues. The Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation (UCRR) project will continue to expand its utility relocation sites and the temporary roadway through the Campus Center lawn will be used,” said manager of Master Plan and Construction Communications Holly Sutherland.

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As the school year is coming to a close, the University of Massachusetts Boston Track and Field athletes are only just reaching the most critical part of their seasons. May 1 marked the start of a chaotic string of important track meets. Those include the Regional, NEICAAA, New England, and National meets. As these events approach, Beacon Track and Field athletes are working hard in hopes of gaining some hardware for the UMass Boston trophy case.

On May 8, rapper and Hollywood actor Ludacris will be performing at the House of Blues in Boston. The annual spring concert is sponsored by the Student Activities and Events Committee (SAEC) at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Tickets can be purchased at the SAEC office on the third floor of the Campus Center for $10.

In our age of the Internet and gluten-free diets, we are flooded with all sorts of different opinions, and it almost seems like everyone knows more than everyone else. Oftentimes, these waves of new ideas and “revolutionary” concepts don’t necessarily have an effect on real life, and remain under the radar for the majority of people. However, we enter a dangerous path when we start exploring alternative medicine and new suggestions on what to do with our healthy and sick bodies. Dangerous because it oftentimes comes with exploitation of the weak, the insecure, and the average person. Dangerous because it can literally kill.

With not much emphasis being placed on financial literacy education, it causes little bewilderment to discover that college-going students have little to no knowledge of the financial workings of the economy. According to a survey by the National Endowment for Financial Education, 70 percent of high school graduates (which included future college-going students) are “illiterate consumers.”  

The Joker is the iconic Batman villain that has become a household name ever since Heath Ledger’s rendition of the character in the Christopher Nolan adaptation. The Joker has even been played by actors who in themselves are characters that are larger than life, namely, Jack Nicholson. Jared…

The Kardashians have a monopoly on front page news, especially lately with the entire Bruce Jenner situation.

Many people dismiss the Kardashians as empty-headed, entirely useless elements of pop culture, but they are actually incredibly fundamental to being able to question and point out certain problems in how fame and beauty are approached and defined.

When I first transferred to the University of Massachusetts Boston from the University of Tampa, it wasn’t the commuting or the windy campus that threw me off; it was the food options. Coming from a school with dorms, I was used to being able to eat whenever I wanted with a plethora of options to choose from. Sadly, this isn’t the case for this school.

On April 24 in the Wheatley Hall Snowden Auditorium, “Food Fest” fed bellies with fresh vegetarian food, shared information about genetically modified ingredients, and provided entertainment. Positivity was ubiquitous as students relaxed at this free-flowing event networked with regional food activism. 

During the afternoon of April 23, a panel titled "Law and Docs" held a discussion in the University of Massachusetts Boston ballroom as part of the International Film Festival Boston. Discussion centered on documentary film engagement with social justice issues.

This season has been a roller coaster ride for the University of Massachusetts Boston softball team. Plagued by multiple injuries throughout the year, the Beacons were forced to shuffle lineups with new and old players on a routine basis.

For the third consecutive year, the film series at the University of Massachusetts Boston collaborated with the Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFB) and gave the public the possibility to meet local, national, and foreign people working in the industry. It also gave filmmakers a chance to exchange ideas and share their work in this hub of creativity and passion for movies. The summit has now been extended in its programming and the number of invited guest speakers.

Now that the weather gods have taken pity on the people of Boston and spring is easing in, it's that time of year to begin fussing about how to get your makeup to survive the rising temperatures and the rainy April and May weather.

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“Ex Machina” is a science-fiction tale about a twenty-six-year-old coder who wins a contest at work and is flown by helicopter to a remote estate where he is to spend one week with the owner of the company he works for. Without knowing exactly why he is there, Caleb allows his fear and anxieties to give way to his curiosity, which peaks upon his arrival to the extravagant home and research facility of Nathan, the CEO of Blue Book—the world’s largest internet search engine.

As the year is coming to an end, stress begins to set in. Students prepare for their finals and frantically check to make sure their T’s are crossed and their I’s are dotted. Luckily for University of Massachusetts Boston athletes there is a bit of solace amidst the chaotic finals week.

On April 20, during the Boston Marathon, students and alumni from selected University of Massachusetts Boston institutions and members of the community participated in the 2nd annual Running for a Reason: Krystle’s Legacy.

A group of students at the University of Massachusetts Boston are protesting against the College of Liberal Arts for refusing to renew the contract of their cherished Professor Anthony Van Der Meer and for delaying with the tenure process of the only two female professors of the Africana Studies Department, Aminah Pilgrim and Veronique Helenon.

As soon as the Celtics qualified for the playoffs, I immediately started telling people they'd better lose the remainder of their regular season in hopes they can draw the Atlanta Hawks in the first round, because a first round matchup against the Cavaliers is completely worthless. Most everyone seemed to disagree with me. They craved the chance to dust off those "LeBron is a bitch" shirts in the back of their closets. Some (including play-by-play man Mike Gorman) even went so far as to say the Celtics would win that series. This was all a complete fantasy. The C's were outclassed from the opening tip of the matchup and didn't stand a chance, but that's neither here nor there. The question is: would Boston have been better off tanking and trying to secure another high lottery pick, or did they do the right thing in making the playoffs?

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During March 3-14, 2015, 100 college students from four Japanese universities visited Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, CA, then divided into groups to visit their host cities (Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and Honolulu) on the TOMODACHI Inouye Scholars Program as part of MOFA’s KAKEHASHI Project.

As the film industry continues to evolve, so do its markets. Since 1995, the average movie ticket has gone from $4.35 to around $8.35. In 20 years, the price has nearly doubled, so you would think that movie quality would be improving, right? Wrong. The average attendance of movies is down, …

Lauded-NFL-star-turned-diddly-murderer Aaron Hernandez has brought down his alleged murder count to just two. In an oddly humorous trial, the defense did everything in their power to channel the touchstone “Our client may have been at the shooting; but he did not shoot the dep-u-ty”  in an a…

I don’t think it would shock anyone to hear that today’s dating practices are very different from those of previous generations. But while it’s commonly understood that these practices have changed, I think it’s less apparent that the fundamentals are changing as well.

Ben Affleck, an actor, filmmaker, and founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, recently demanded PBS to hide the fact that he is a descendant of a slave-owning ancestor on ‘Finding Your Roots’ as revealed by hacked Sony emails.

Bring your adventurous spirit and toll for the troll under the Tobin Bridge. The Downeast Cider House is conveniently placed under the bridge, which aids in its underground aesthetic. They frequently host brewery tours, but occasionally they also host events like the Trill Music Festival. Music and beer is an equation for a good time, but not always for the wallet. Music festivals usually mean overpriced beer, and there are usually only two options: Sam Adams or Bud Light. Here the options are vast—the Maple Oak Cider being the decisive champion of beers and for half the price of most events of the same kind. Trill is a company that is entirely about the music and the Downeast Cider House is all about the beer, and the two passions combined create one amazing event.

The death penalty—we all know it is inhumane, cruel, inefficient, and unproductive; why do some among us persist with it? You’d think that with the relative frequency of news of botched executions, indisputable exonerations of innocent people on death row, and the general sense of uncertainty with the system would lead to wholesale changes. You’d be wrong.

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