The artwork on the UMB campus is unique, if nothing else. I am no expert on artwork, but I have been walking by these pieces every day for three years. What emotion do they evoke in me? Confusion.

Want to have a drink after class, before class, or instead of class? There are four bars around Dorchester Avenue that are worth checking out: The Banshee, The Harp & Bard, Tom English’s, and Savin Bar and Kitchen.

When choosing a watering hole there are three basic things that must be taken into consideration: location, price, and quality. Location and price are pretty self-explanatory, but quality can mean a couple different things. In this instance it will refer to service and products. There are dozens of other categories on which a place can be judged--like crowd type, aesthetics, and music selection, to name a few--but the three basic ones are the most important when picking a bar you where want to become a regular.

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