Staying healthy in summer 2021

The inlet gives way to summer with a view of the John F. Kennedy Library.

The weather’s changing, and Bostonians and tourists alike are coming out to enjoy these beautiful spring days. Many have been desperately anticipating this warmer weather. And a lot have been dreaming about reaching the summer: Arguably, it is a new era for us. Following a hard summer back in 2020 as we dealt with the pandemic and other social and political uproars, summer 2021 is looking positive—just what everybody has been needing. 

Although the pandemic is nowhere near over, we have made quite a bit of progress. The vaccines have been—for the most part—positively embraced by the general public, with thousands already being vaccinated and more waiting patiently for their opportunity.  

These vaccines are constantly being observed and studied as the RNA process of the Pfizer vaccine is new to the vaccination world. However, there are still uncertainties when it comes to the effectiveness of these vaccines and the duration of the immunity.  

With this being said, it is critical for everyone to still be following CDC guidelines. There may be some leniency for those who have gotten fully vaccinated, but wearing a mask and socially distancing is still needed out in public.

As you start or even finish planning your summer getaways and outings, make sure to consider yours and others’ healths and safety. 

If you are doing your part, you should be good for the upcoming season. Other than being cautious, there are some other basic things that you can do in order to keep yourself as happy and healthy as possible this summer. 

First, I would recommend getting as much sleep as your body needs. With hours and routines adjusting, you may find yourself lacking when it comes to your slumber. But sleep is so important when it comes to our health and moods. Making some changes to your night routine could help you fall asleep faster and quicker, providing you a better night's rest. 

Furthermore, make sure to stay hydrated! This one may seem self explanatory. However, a lot of people actually fail to drink the right amount of water daily for their bodies. When you add in soaring temperatures, it can result in a horrible mix. I used to work at a resort, and I can’t even count how many people who would faint outside from not drinking enough water and getting heat stroke. Bringing a water bottle with you wherever you go this summer is important and can help you stay hydrated! 

Lastly, make sure to wear SPF when going outside. SPF is very much neglected. People fail to realize just how much the sun can damage your skin, especially over time. It can cause wrinkles, sun spots, discoloration, etc. I would highly recommend finding a moisturizer that also contains SPF. One of my favorites is CeraVe’s AM facial moisturizing lotion. It works wonders and won’t break the bank. Finding a moisturizer with SPF would kill two birds with one stone for you. Protecting and moisturizing your skin this summer will make a world of difference, and your skin will thank you for it later! 

All in all, although these are basic recommendations, they are important to keep in mind as the weather gets warmer and you find yourself out more often. With how exciting the season can be, sometimes these basics can go right over one’s head. If you are being mindful of your body, then this summer should be the best one yet!


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