It’s crunch time on campus, and the people are suffering. My week of intense studying looked like several 12 a.m. trips to the Market for assorted bags of foods that crunch, and a 1 a.m. re-energizing dance party that my roommate said was “disruptive” to her “sleep.” I wish luck to everyone working on papers and studying for exams out there! This week, our question comes from Michel, who asks “How can I be more involved on campus?” Well, Michel, I wish I could give you advice on this excellent question, but it’s 4 p.m., time for my second nap of the week…

*Forty-eight hours later*

I just woke up, the sun is shining, and after convincing my roommate that I was fine, just napping and not in a coma, I’m ready to give Michel some advice. But first, I’ll explain my napping, as I’m sure you’re wondering about it. I read an interesting article the other day about how your life can be incredibly and swiftly changed for the better, just by switching up your sleep schedule! A few methods were mentioned in the article, and the first I tried was the People are Raving About This: The Mini Nap Master Plan, which consisted of one hundred five-minute naps each day. This plan promised to maximize human efficiency! And make you more alert than you've ever been! But when I tried this plan, I took a 5 minute nap on a bus and found myself in New York three hours later. Other obstacles I ran into included: my head falling into my bowl of melted ice-cream, being kicked out of class for falling asleep, and a two-hour argument with my mother, in which I took three naps, and she only got angrier after each one.

So this week I’m trying the Absolutely Life-Changing Unbeatable Forty-Eight Hour Trip to Success In Life, which is a plan that consists of not sleeping for a week, then sleeping for forty-eight hours straight. While this plan sounds genius, I must say it was incredibly hard to get through that first week of no sleep. I was constantly running into things, falling asleep mid-shower, and in the elevator … I did cheat once or twice, or every night for eight hours … but I’m sure the forty-eight hour nap will really maximize my efficiency come this next week of crunch time on campus.

Thanks for your question, Michel, I’m sure I’ve helped.

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