There is a leprechaun on the loose at UMass Boston! Please keep a hold of your loose change and anything that is shiny because it will go missing. There have been reports of pennies being taken out of tip jars, earrings being stolen out of ears, and keys off of keychains. The only evidence left behind was small footprints and green glitter trails. 

The Dean of Students sent out an email Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, at 6:55 p.m. addressing the issue. “There have been a number of students claiming to have things stolen from them. The only thing being left behind is a note signed by L in green marker. Some students think it is a leprechaun, but I can assure you that it is not. There is someone tormenting the staff and students at UMass Boston, and the UMass Boston police department is working hard to find the person responsible for these inappropriate pranks.” 

The police department also released a statement about the suspect that is on the loose. “Through our investigation we have been able to develop a profile for the person we believe to be the cause behind these robberies. The suspect is anywhere from being a foot to a foot and a half tall in high, or about 31 to 46 centimeters tall. They are believed to have red curly hair to their chin and a long red curly beard. They also have a mouth full of gold teeth and green eyes. Most of the time the suspect is seen wearing green clothing and leaves behind a trail of green glitter wherever they seem to go. The suspect should be considered dangerous.” 

Even though the Dean says that there is no way the person stealing all of this stuff is a leprechaun, I say it is a leprechaun. The height of the suspect is way too short to be any normal person and the fact that they have red hair makes it even more believable. Also, green glitter? What non-magical creature leaves a trail of glitter while they steal things from people?  I even took it upon myself to send out a survey to all of the students to see what people think about the new suspect. After sending out the survey the answers we got back were kind of shocking!

30 percent of students think the suspect is in fact a leprechaun. This took me to ask students around campus about why they think the suspect is a leprechaun. One student said they saw it while another student said it is the only thing that makes sense to them. Another 25 percent thought it was a student pranking the school and just trying to convince people that a leprechaun is on the loose. When I asked students for their reasoning behind this idea they seem to think I was stupid for even suggesting that it could be a leprechaun. 45 percent of students said that is it was the financial aid office. One student, named Tyesha, said she thinks it is the financial aid office because it is the only way for them to get funding. To quote her: “We all know that the financial aid office does not get any funding from the school. We also know that a lot of students get help going to school, so the only way they can make money is to steal it from us!” Whether the thief is a leprechaun, student, or the financial aid office we know that they need to be stopped!

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