Pool Party and Ice Cream Galore at Clark Pool

April 11—Although not on a regular basis, the Division of Athletics and Recreation, Special Projects and Programs at the University of Massachusetts Boston threw another pool party and movie night. With Baywatch (2017) as the theme, there were plenty of pool floats and beach balls to go around.

At the Clark Pool, starting at 5:15 p.m., it was a slow trickle of people coming in until the movie started at 7:15 p.m. With around 40 people in all, lifeguards were stationed around the edges of the two connected pools. There were students floating on inflatable rings and flamingos, as well as others jumping off the two diving boards, making big, loud splashes from their cannonballs. Some even played volleyball in the water, while others played water games such as Marco-Polo.

People had the option to make a mini-sundae while still dripping and cold from the fan blowing cold air into the room. There was chocolate and vanilla ice cream as the main flavors and crushed Oreos, jimmies, cherries, hot fudge and caramel, M&Ms, and whipped cream as toppings. Many students felt that it positively added to their experience.

While floating on a surfboard-shaped raft, one freshman stated: “I’m really glad I came. I’m trying to get more involved on campus, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Like, I know I live here but I haven’t really done much in that way.” While floating away, she immediately threw one of the floating beach balls to her friend 10 feet in front of her.

After getting ice cream with friends, junior Katie Bell said, “It was a great step towards cultivating a fun after-school experience for a university that hasn’t really been able to escape its ‘commuter school’ label.” Bell definitely recommends future events such as this one and with the end of the semester looming, she stated, “It was great to forget about stress for a minute while at school!”

Though it took a while, Baywatch (2017) was finally set up on a projector in the corner. Some watched but most kept swimming. Students kept coming and going throughout the night, whether they dipped or swam. One group of girls felt they had a great time; one of the girls said: “I wasn’t going to even come but [my friend] convinced me otherwise. Like, I was in a class right before this, so I had to run back to my apartment for this bathing suit really quick. I’m really glad we all came, and I’m really excited to eat that ice cream.”

Overall, it was a positive night and most seem enthusiastic for another pool party and movie to pop up, and a lot can’t wait for word on another event like this.

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