On Friday, Sept. 13, 2019 UMass Boston held its second annual Welcome Week Event, Lawn on B. The event is similar to Lawn on D, located in South Boston, that has light-up swings and a stage for events.

The event held by the Student Arts and Events Council (SAEC) took place Friday night at 7 p.m. on the front lawn of the Campus Center. Highlights of the night included glow-up seesaws, swings, and a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck.

Laughter, flashing colorful lights, and music could be seen and heard when entering onto the front lawn from Campus Center. An orange supermoon greeted students over the harbor as they made their way onto the front lawn to enjoy the festivities. Walking onto the lawn, students were greeted with complimentary blankets, glow sticks, cookies, and water bottles from SAEC volunteers. Sweet, creamy ice cream from a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream truck followed the walkway down on the front lawn, and students piled their bowls high with ice cream, whipped cream, and toppings to enjoy on the windy night. Light-up ping pong tables with crowds of students standing around them and cheering for their friends lined one side of the lawn. As students played, the tables shifted colors from purple to blue to orange every few seconds. Behind the tables, light-up corn-hole games were set up with students tossing bean bags back and forth. In the middle of the lawn were the light-up swings, constantly in motion from students climbing on and climbing off of them. Everyone wanted to get a picture on the swings.

Light-up seesaws that shifted colors were placed next to the swings. Students' laughter as they were hoisted up and down on the seesaws filled the space and could be heard over the loud music playing in the background. A blacklight room for selfies was placed further down on the lawn with students lined up to the walkway, each one waiting their turn to go in and take pictures with their friends in the blacklight room. At the end of the walkway, a blue light up “UMB” sign was placed on the lawn. The cold and windy September night was combatted with students walking around wrapped in their free blankets, trying out all of the different things on the lawn, and all gathered in front of the DJ dancing to the playlist that the DJ was playing.

Lawn on B’s second year held new surprises for attendees who attended the first year of the event. According to one attendee, Brandon Scott, a sophomore, who was at the first year of Lawn on B said that what he liked best about the second year was, “The light-up swings and animals.” Light-up animal toys such as bunnies lay all around the front lawn for attendees to take pictures with. There were also light-up stars and mushrooms that lined the lawn, shifting colors every few seconds.

The light-up swings were constantly filled with students taking pictures. When asked what Lawn on B was like its first year, Scott stated, “Last year it didn’t seem like it was as put together.” Just like in its first year, glow-up seesaws, music and food were a key part of the night. When asked what they would like to see next year for Lawn on B, Jo Ashman, a sophomore, stated, “I’d like to see more music and maybe more vendors and more club involvement.” Lawn on B’s second year held different things that its first year, which many students seemed to enjoy.

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