UMass Boston Student Develops App

Avinash Reddy, creator of the app Beinx.  

Avinash S. Reddy is a Masters’ program student here at the University of Massachusetts Boston. He is getting a degree in computer science and has already started a program he would like to share with everyone at the university.

Coming from Bangalore, India, in August 2015, Reddy is in Boston starting his second year in graduate school after finishing his undergrad in India. He had two destination options in which to work on his start up: Silicon Valley, California, or Boston, Massachusetts. He decided Boston was the best place for him because “the culture is more open and [he] was able to fit in better.” Here in Boston, Reddy experienced his first encounter with snow, and his first encounter with starting an app.

Reddy’s app, Beinx (bE), is a photo-sharing app he designed with four major components: themes, theme habits, theme requests, and pins. He is hoping to also include augmented reality and games related to the UMass Boston campus. This app is said to help shared interests based on “quality basis rather than quantity basis.” So, in other words, the goal is not to get 300 likes and 25 comments on a posted picture, it's more to see photos and activities that one can relate to.

Creating this app took about a month; Reddy worked for 90 hours per week. He even passed up an internship offer. He plans on making the app available on the Google Play store in about six to eight months, but as of right now, it is available on the Apple App Store. The app is currently searchable under Beinx. Its name has meaning derived from a German word meaning “action-based."

Outside of app creating, Reddy also finds interest and passion within law and order, equality, and artificial intelligence. 

“Law and order because it will help to build a great country. Equality as there is more work needed to be done by everyone. AI, as it may create social instability if it is used for wrong reasons rather than for the right reasons. For AI, I have many for-profits and few non-profit ideas. I'm a student, and I have a lot of things going on every day. Hope I get to do great projects in AI before graduation," said Reddy.

Reddy is truly an inspiration and a solid representation of all the promising students here at UMass Boston. He immigrated to a new country, alone, with nothing but research to help him find his way around. Despite how nerve-racking it may sound, he claimed it did not really scare him to make the big move. 

Some of his major inspirations for coming to the United States were his "family [and] Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi for their great values.” Reddy said he read up on Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln’s values and that they are one of the reasons he wanted to come to the U.S. in the first place. As far as his other inspirations go, Mahatma Gandhi and Elizabeth Warren are up there. Reddy appreciates not so much the politics of Elizabeth Warren, but her personality.

“Why I like her is I already know that women are very talented. So, I wish women can be fiercer as well. As the characteristic of fierceness will personally help eliminate the foolish stereotypes created by other people," concluded Reddy.

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