Undergraduate Student Government Reports

Executive Branch - Information provided by Undergraduate Student Government (USG) President Katelyn Mitrano and Vice President Sara Tariq

1. President Mitrano, along with Speaker Lucas Henrique, returned from the University of Limerick in Ireland where they looked at the school’s Student Union and Campus Center. They continued their work as a joint campaign that focused on mental health and they are currently working on the next phase of their plan to promote mental health awareness.

2. On campus, the USG Executive Branch has been working with the school’s administration to address students’ concerns of the new parking fees and has been helping with the final planning stages of the new residence halls.

3. President Mitrano and Vice President Tariq, along with Student Trustee Gray Milkowski, have been working with the Every Voice coalition on campus to raise student awareness about sexual assault. The partners are also working to help the coalition with their efforts at the Massachusetts State House.

4. The Executive Branch has been looking into what they can donate money toward that will help better the student population at UMass Boston.

Undergraduate Student Government Committees Report - Information provided by Speaker Lucas Henrique

1. The Campus and Community Affairs Committee is working with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and the Student Arts and Events Council to host Spirit Week, which will run from April 23 through April 28. Events will include a college colors day, a dodgeball tournament, a marketplace, a pep rally, and multiple events with lots of free food and swag.

2. The Budget and Finance Committee is working on allocating a budget that will go toward the next fiscal year. Additionally, the committee has approved multiple requests by students who hope to go on conferences outside of the greater Boston area.

3. The Student Events and Organizations Committee is working on new policies in club spaces. They are also working on BeaconsTV, which the Senate signed into law, that allows USG and The Mass Media to post updates on TVs located throughout the campus.

Undergraduate Student Government Speaker Report - Information provided by Speaker Lucas Henrique

1. USG Speaker Henrique and the vice speakers are working on the final USG meeting, which is to be held at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate. Invitees include former USG members who wish to reconnect.

2. The speakers are also working on donating old IT Department computers to the Crossroads Family Center, located in East Boston.

3. Additionally, they are working to get Interim Chancellor Barry Mills to attend to Graduate Student Assembly meetings.

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