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Composition of Kim Janey, Michelle Wu, and Andrea Campbell.

Though the city of Boston is still months out from its mayoral election, a recent poll from WBUR is showing that a few candidates have distinguished themselves as front runners, and many Bostonians are still undecided about who they’re going to vote for this November. Let’s refresh our memories about these candidates, and see what they’ve been up to lately.

Michelle Wu

BackgroundWu worked in City Hall for former mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, and worked on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s first campaign. Wu was elected to the Boston City Council in 2013 and is the first Asian-American woman to serve on the Council. In January 2016, Wu’s election to President of the City Council led her to become the first woman of color to hold the position. 

Policies: Wu is focused on improving affordable housing, improving the Boston Public Schools System, closing the racial wealth gap, and more.

In the news: Lately, Wu has been in the news for her transformative plans for the BPS, including a Green New Deal for BPS.

Polling: Wu is currently polling at 19 percent, leading the race thus far.

Website: https://www.michelleforboston.com/

Kim Janey

Background: Janey is a fourth generation resident of Roxbury, and before running for public office she worked in advocacy for the children of Boston, including working at Massachusetts Advocates for Children. Janey was elected to the City Council in 2017, making her the first woman to represent District Seven. In 2020, Janey became the first Black, female President of the Boston City Council. Janey then became Acting Mayor of Boston late last March after former Mayor Walsh was confirmed as a cabinet member. Janey is the first woman and the first person of color to serve in this position. 

Policies: Janey is focused on battling the COVID-19 pandemic, equitable transportation, affordable housing, policing reforms, battling racial inequality, and more.

In the news: Lately, Janey has been in the news for naming a new environment and energy chief for Boston and commenting on the former police officer Patrick Rose Sr. case. 

Polling: Janey is currently polling at 18 percent, falling just one point below Wu.

Website: https://mayorjaney.com/

Annissa Essaibi George

Background: Essaibi George is a lifelong Boston resident who worked as a teacher at Boston Public Schools before being elected to the Boston City Council in 2015. Essaibi George is the Chair of the Committee on Education on the Boston City Council. She also owns the retail shop Stitch House in Dorchester.

Policies: Essaibi George is concerned with improving education and childcare for the BPS, improving equity and dismantling racism in the city, improving health care in various ways, and more.

In the news: Lately, Essaibi George has been in the news for releasing her education and childcare plan, and for standing alone among her candidates in opposing the reallocation of Boston Police Department funds. 

Polling: Essaibi George is currently polling at 6 percent, coming in third thus far among her opponents.


Andrea Campbell

Background: Campbell grew up in Roxbury and the South End, has worked as a lawyer, and served as Deputy Legal Counsel in Governor Deval Patrick’s administration. Campbell was elected to the Boston City Council in 2015 and served as City Council President from 2018-2020. She is the first Black woman to have served in this role.

Policies: Campbell is focused on COVID-19 recovery, improving health and wellness in the city, reimagining public safety and policing, improving the BPS, and more.

In the news: Lately, Campbell has been in the news for her endorsement from the Mayor of Cambridge, and her recent debate with the majority of her opponents via a Zoom local forum. 

Polling: Campbell is currently polling at 4 percent, behind Essaibi George.

Website: https://andreacampbell.org/

Jon Santiago

Background: Santiago was born in Puerto Rico, and is a former volunteer of the Peace Corps. He currently works as an ER Doctor at Boston Medical Center, and is captain in the U.S. Army Reserve. He is also a state representative.

Policies: Santiago is focused on COVID-19 recovery, supporting organized labor, improving transportation equity, confronting substance abuse issues, and more. 

In the news: Lately, Santiago has been in the news for his recent debate with the majority of his opponents via a Zoom local forum. 

Polling: Santiago is currently polling at 3 percent.

Website: https://www.jonsantiago.org/

John Barros

Background: Barros has lived in Roxbury and Dorchester his whole life, is a small business owner, and is a former member of the Boston School Committee. In 2014, Barros created the new Economic Development cabinet for the City of Boston, and served on Mayor Walsh’s administration for seven years. 

Policies: Barros is focused on Boston's recovery from COVID-19, addressing racial injustice, improving community health, affordable housing, improving public education, and more. 

In the news: Lately, Barros has been in the news for his recent debate with the majority of his opponents via a Zoom local forum. 

Polling: Alongside Santiago, Barros is polling at 3 percent.

Website: https://www.barrosformayor.com/

According to WBUR, nearly half of Boston voters are still undecided. In order to read a more detailed report of the poll, visit: https://www.wbur.org/news/2021/04/14/wbur-poll-boston-mayor-candidates-issues 

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