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I agree with Opinions Editor Endre Joseph that Boston’s showing against the so-called “free-speech rally” on August 19 was great (40,000+ people showed up for black lives, immigrants, women, love, etc; not even 100 showed up for... I still don’t know what, the other side to say the least). H…

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A response piece to a Mass Media news article posted on  February 9, 2013, written by Caleb Nelson titled “Writing Proficiency Exam Criticized by Students” begins as follows:

I recently came across a news piece, “Writing Proficiency Exam [WEP] Criticized by Students” authored by Caleb Nelson in the February 12-25 issue of the Mass Media. This piece features students giving an unfair denunciation of WEP, arguing outrageously that it is an “inadequate and unnecessary waste of time.” I would love to go over some arguments and complaints directed at WEP, as this is an important issue for UMass Boston community members, especially for students who have not taken it yet.

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