Mr. Maverick,

Well, here we are again. I often feel as though each sequential article of yours gives me increasing displeasure, but this one really took the cake. In fact, while my disposition has prior been to think you ignorant, after this past article I don’t know whether to call you foolish or evil.

You said a lot about a great deal of things, and were I in the mood, I could write a vast treatise on all your errors, but since I’m a busy bee and have not the time to interrogate each and every claim of yours, there was one point you made which was so egregious that I feel it is my civic duty to respond.

You say that “attempt[s] to the reduce the population of whites in the United States, have been embarked upon. This is done by encouraging things such as anchor babies and illegal immigration.” (1) Having heard that, I must ask: do you believe that illegal immigration into the U.S. is a deliberate conspiracy to diminish the white population of the country? It would have to be called a conspiracy as such illegal immigrants certainly don’t admit to crossing our southern border, as part of a cooperative effort to place as many Mexicans in the U.S. as possible. Furthermore, as far as I know, no single illegal immigrant has entered the country with any motivation other than to find a better life for themselves and their family, and certainly not with the express motivation of reducing the proportion of people in the U.S. who self-identify as white.

So I ask again, do you actually believe in such a conspiracy? Maybe you actually meant that it is not the immigrants themselves who are behind this plot, but that they are actually pawns being tricked into crossing the border illegally by a more powerful entity. Well then, who is this nefarious cabal? Within the context of your article it sounds as though you mean to blame the political left in the U.S., but that would be an absurd supposition. Can you show me one prominent and respected social progressive in U.S. politics today who openly encourages illegal immigration? Not someone who is merely sympathetic to the plight of the individual immigrant, or supports immigration reform? Is there such a politician who has openly expressed that they desire for a mass onslaught of Mexicans and South Americans to cross our border with utter disregard for the legal systems in place? I think not.

So who, then, is behind this? If this is an attempt “to reduce the population of whites in the United States” then who is attempting it? Is it Mexico or some other foreign power? If so, how and why? What measures have been taken to actively encourage illegal immigration? And to whose benefit? I have before heard some other people speak of such a conspiracy in similar terms to the one you have proposed, and they told me that those behind it were “the Jews.” Do you agree with these people about their conclusion? It certainly sounds like you’re moving in that direction.

In all seriousness, I do not actually think you really believe this sh*tor I certainly hope not, at least. But even still, you have to be careful about what you say. While the purpose of your article seemed to be a standard progressive-conservative message, you have hinted near toward a potential belief of yours which goes far past the rational right, and puts you near the camp of contemporary white nationalism: a fascist movement. If you are not of such disposition, then please make that more apparent. When you off-handedly entertain such ideas in a public manner, it makes it easier for fascism to take hold; and while we may disagree on most things in politics, I hope we can find some commonality in the understanding that such fascism is the truest enemy.

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