With May finally here, and June right around the corner, the weather is expected to become beautiful. Yes, the weather isn’t the nicest at the moment, but summer should bring long days of sunshine and warmth. And with the change of weather, and the end of the semester fast approaching, some of you may be wondering what there is to do before we depart for summer break. While there are many things to do in the city of Boston itself, I think a lot of people miss out on the opportunities that we have on our campus and along the Harbor. 

First, if you intend to stay on campus, I would recommend looking into the water sport activities and equipment offered by the University of Massachusetts Boston. Some of you may have seen the Fox Point Dock off to the side along the water while entering the campus; this location is where students are able to use kayaks, sailboats, and stand-up paddle boards. Not only is it free, but sailing lessons and instructions on kayaking and paddle boarding are offered upon request. Anyone can take advantage of this amazing opportunity of free equipment and lessons, and get out on the water on their own or with some friends! I remember during the fall semester, my floor was taken out for kayaking by our resident assistant. I had never kayaked before that point, but the staff was so kind and patient while instructing me and other beginners on what to do. The whole experience was something completely new to me. If you are interested, do know that you can make a reservation or get more information by calling 617-905-1093. I really recommend putting together a group of friends and making a day out of it! 

Maybe even after some kayaking or sailing, you can explore the Harbor Walk and find your way over to Carson Beach which is about a 20-minute walk from campus. Yes, this is quite a walk, but if you are looking to get off campus and really soak up the sun, Carson Beach is a must! I love to go with some friends and sit out in the sand and read a book. The nice breeze and beautiful view is so calming and has been one of my favorite places to visit. It is definitely on my own personal agenda when it does get warmer. 

Also, although I have never been personally, I know some people who like to stroll through the Joe Moakley park right off of Carson Beach. With fields of green grass, it’s the perfect place to toss around a ball or just chill out with some friends. 

With all this being said, you do not necessarily need to go into the city to have a blast this spring and summer. These are just a few of my favorites—however, there are tons of activities on campus and around campus for students to enjoy before they go home or even for students who may be taking classes this summer.

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