About Us

Over 17,000 students attend the University of Massachusetts Boston, and every day during the semester, there are multiple events that draw students out of their classrooms and into public discourse at our university. Our job as the student newspaper is to shape, critique, and encourage this discourse. We interview the scientists, authors, and artists that come on campus regularly.

We search for interesting discussions, studies, and people on campus, and highlight them for our community. At our best, we are the first place that students, staff, and faculty turn to when they want to find out what's going on at UMass Boston, what to do between classes, how to connect with clubs and centers, and what local businesses are worth checking out over the weekends. The Mass Media publishes a weekly print edition and posts stories online on a rolling basis.


Meet the Staff

Editor-in-Chief / Grace Smith
Managing Editor / Ady Harris-Fried
Production Editors / Shanarah Bargan, Skylar Bowman
News Editor / Abigail Basile
Arts & Lifestyles Editor / Mikayla MacKay
Opinions Editor / Matthew Reiad
Sports Editor / Jonathon Hopkins
News Writer / Genevieve Santilli
Arts & Lifestyles Writers / Kyles Makkas, Katrina Sanville
Opinions Writer / Aanchal Kumar
Sports Writers / Jack Sherman, Josemanuel Cruz
Photo Editor / Dom Ferreria
Photographers / Maya Martinez, Melisa Berilo, Josh Kotler
Illustrator / Bianca Oppedisano
Head Copy Editor / Phaedra Ferrini
Copy Editor / Bridget McColgan

Advisor / Charles Henriques