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We can officially begin the countdown to the spring sports season, as it is set to kick off just about two weeks from now. This season should be packed with excitement, as UMass Boston will only be playing teams within their division. This could mean that there could be some rivalries brewing this season. For now, let’s take a look at each of our spring sports teams and preview each of their opening day matchups.

UMass Boston Men’s Baseball vs. The University of Southern Maine

First off for the Beacons will be The University of Southern Maine. The University of Southern Maine will have a bit of a head start on UMass Boston this season, as they have been cleared to play since March 20. Their record since then is 5–1. However, they have only played two different teams in that time. Between now and when The University of Southern Maine plays UMass Boston, they will have played 11 games. Since 2018, UMass Boston has a 4–2 record over The University of Southern Maine, including a win in their most recent meeting in 2019. This should be a challenging matchup for UMass Boston, as The University of Southern Maine has been game ready for some time now, but it is safe to say that UMass Boston men’s baseball has what it takes to beat anyone.

UMass Boston Women’s Softball vs. Castleton University

The UMass Boston women’s softball team will kick off their season at home against Castleton University. Thus far, Castleton University has a record of 2–0 , and both games were closely contested against UMass Dartmouth. Castleton University will have plenty of games to prepare for the Beacons, as they have 18 games between now and when they play UMass Boston. Since 2018, UMass Boston has gotten the best of Castleton University, with a standing record of 3–1. However, the largest margin in all of those games was just two runs. So, odds are that this game is bound to be a tight one when they face off in Boston on April 17.

UMass Boston Men’s Lacrosse vs. The University of Southern Maine

Like the men’s baseball team, the UMass Boston men’s lacrosse team will kick off their season against The University of Southern Maine lacrosse team. Their only game that they have played was loss to Saint Joseph’s College of Maine by a score of 17–8. Between now and when The University of Southern Maine plays UMass Boston, they will have a total of four games, which means they will likely be more game ready than UMass Boston. UMass Boston and The University of Southern Maine have split their last two meetings, with UMass Boston winning their most recent matchup in 2019 by a score of 13–7. With the way the Beacons have beaten teams handily in the past, I believe that UMass Boston will be able to take care of business against The University of Southern Maine. 

It is quite hard to contain excitement when thinking about the fact that we are only two weeks away from sports making its long-awaited return to UMass Boston. The biggest challenge UMass Boston will have to endure is the fact that many other teams have already begun their spring seasons and already have several games under their belt. So, preparation will be key for the Beacons this season more than ever. If they come prepared, they will all have good seasons.


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