Baseball: UMass Boston’s baseball team was able to sneak in one last game before their season as cut short due to the coronavirus. They played Framingham State University about two weeks ago and beat them with a score of 1510. The Beacons offense showed how they are lethal and had the potential to have a great season. In just four games played, they scored a total of 38 runs. Their record is 31, but unfortunately, that is where it will have to end. It is beyond sad for seniors and for the entire roster in general, but it was a decision that had to made. There was no other option but to cancel the entire season, but it still stings for legitimately everybody involved. 

Softball: UMass Boston’s softball team was set to begin their season down in Florida one week ago, but their trip was canceled the day before they were scheduled to leave. Much like the baseball team, it is a crushing feeling when an entire season is taken away from you. While it makes sense and there is nothing anyone can do, nothing is worse than being unprepared for such an abrupt ending. There is no doubt that the Beacons will have a chance to be very competitive in 2021, but it is too bad that the seniors will never have an opportunity to compete in their final season. 

Lacrosse: While the season being canceled is terrible for everyone, there might not be a single team on campus hurting worse than UMass Boston’s lacrosse team. They began the year a perfect 40, never even having a game in which was competitive. They scored a total of 96 goals in the four games they played and were well on their way to a lengthy postseason run. Who knows how the 2021 season will go, but the Beacons will be ready to pick up exactly where they left off and keep it rolling. 

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