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Both the UMass Boston men's and women’s soccer teams have played quite well as we have now crossed the midpoint in the fall sports season. However, the Beacons have an extremely important portion of the schedule coming up in the next week in which they will have to play three straight Little East Conference teams. These games will be vital when it comes to the LEC standings and if both the men's and women’s teams can come out next week unbeaten, then they will be sitting pretty in one of the top seeds in their conference. Let’s take a look at how our men and women’s soccer teams stack up against their next three opponents.

Men’s Soccer

So far this season, the Beacons are 82 and have been a force to be reckoned with. However, due to an intra conference loss to Eastern Connecticut State, UMass Boston is currently tied for third place in the conference. 

To start off this important stretch, UMass Boston will have to face Rhode Island College. Rhode Island is currently in first place with an undefeated 40 record. Their most recent meeting resulted in a UMass Boston victory in 2019 when the Beacons won by a score of 21. If the Beacons can come away with a win against Rhode Island, then they could potentially overtake their first-place spot in the conference by the end of the week.

Their next matchup is against UMass Dartmouth. UMass Dartmouth is currently tied with UMass Boston in the conference standings.  However, their overall record is average at best as they are 53–1 on the season. The Beacons have not lost to UMass Dartmouth since 2013, and I don’t anticipate that streak will be broken this week.

Their third matchup is against Keene State College. They haven't played too many conference games this season, but they are 11. Their one win came against the 17 Plymouth State and that is their only win of their season. Keene State shouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Beacons.

Women’s Soccer

The UMass Boston women’s soccer team is off to a solid start as well with a record of 732 on the season. UMass Boston currently sits in second place in the LEC behind only Western Connecticut State who is 110 on the season thus far.

Like the men’s team, their first matchup will be against Rhode Island College. Rhode Island has been a mediocre team this season with a record of 29 and a 13 conference record. They're currently second to last in the conference and should not threaten UMass Boston in any way.

Their next matchup is against UMass Dartmouth. If there was one team that has been worse than Rhode Island, it is UMass Dartmouth. UMass Dartmouth is in last place with a 161 record on the season. Their last meeting in 2019 resulted in a 10 victory for UMass Boston, and I anticipate a similar outcome this week.

Their last matchup this week comes against Keene State. Keene State is another team that has been average at best this season. They currently sit in third to last in the conference with a 461 record. Their last matchup in 2019 resulted in a UMass Boston 20 victory and that should be the result this week.

The window to grab a stranglehold on one of the top two spots in the standings are up for grabs this week for both the men and women’s soccer teams. However, it will not be a cake walk, and each of these games should be considered a must win for both teams.

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