On Sunday, Nov. 10, 2019, 369 men and women ran the Boston River Run 5k to raise funds for the Andrew Graham Semper Fi Fund. The race was organized by the brother of Andrew Graham to increase the amount of scholarship money for the Andrew Graham Narcus Semper Fi Scholarship offered at BHCC. Before the start of the race, there was an exercise warmup, provided by USMC, to get the runners ready for the race. After the warmup, the brother of Andrew Graham sung the national anthem, and he spoke about how both he and Andrew went to BHCC, and spoke about the military legacy of Andrew. He concluded that after Andrew died, he created a scholarship in honor of his brother, and that he organized this race to raise funds to increase the amount the scholarship usually gives to students.

After his speech, there was a singing of the National Anthem, and the race started as soon as Andrew’s mother counted to three. The runners ran straight onto Dudley White bike path and then made a right turn, going counter-clockwise around Herter Park Amphitheater. Then, instead of turning towards the end of the race, they proceed straight down the Dudley White bike path, and this is where they encountered their first water station. Some people took the water as a gift, while others proceeded forward. When they approached onto Greenough Boulevard, they made a right turn and kept going straight until the path started to curve.

As soon as they curved, they kept going straight and avoided any paths that led into the wilderness. Soon, they ran into the intersection of Greenough Boulevard and Eliot Bridge. This is where the second water location was located. Many runners were tired and wanted a glass of water, while others kept pursuing forward and finishing to the end. All the runners took a right onto the bridge until they made a left back into the park. Most of the runners kept going straight down, and they knew that rest was a sprint to the finish line.

The runners kept going straight down on the Paul Dudley bike path, where they had earlier made the roundabout turn which led them to Greenough Boulevard. Now, instead, they made a right turn and finished strong over the finish line. During the race, many of the volunteers took pictures of the runners during the race and when they crossed the finish line. The best part of the race was when the volunteers took a video shot of all the runners as they crossed the one-mile mark during the race. After thirty minutes of the race, the brother of Andrew Graham started the awards ceremony and announced the winners.

The top three overall male winners were Eder Da Silva at 17:06, Cliff Cody at 18:34, and Benjamin Ducharme at 18:41. The overall female winners were Allison Lynch at 18:57, Clare Munch at 19:24, and Annika Wreder at 19:38. It should be noted that there were division winners in each age group. For the 01 to 18 group, Jason Rzasa won at 19:42 won for men. Zachary Duguid won for 19 to 29 men at 19:43. The 30 to 39 men was won by Peng Sun at 19:17, while the 40 to 49 men was won by Josi Perline Dos Santos at 18:49. The 50 to 59 men was won by Jose Pinto at 19:44. The 60 to 69 men was won by Tom Lubas at 24:05, and the 70–79 men was won by Richard Howard at 31:22. The women age division winners were Serena Toscani in the 01 to 18 women at 29:55, Caitlin McGinley in the 19 to 29 women at 20:00, Alexandra M. Selberg in the 30 to 39 women at 19:40, Darlene Prinz in the 40 to 49 women at 22:21, Laura Davidson in the 50 to 59 women at 21:32, Susan McGurk in the 60 to 69 women at 30:35, and, finally, Mary Ciampa in the 70 to 79 women at 28:54.

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