The Bruins have a glaring issue early this season in their secondary scoring. In the first 14 games of the year, the Bruins top line has a total 53 points, while the rest of the team’s forwards combined have only put up 25 points. In fact, the Bruins defense has put up similar numbers to their bottom nine forwards, putting up a total of 22 points. So, will there be a change in the forward lines, or will someone finally step up and put some points on the board?

Year after year, everyone talks about how the Bruins lack secondary scoring, yet every single year nothing is done to fix it. Just like last season, the Bruins are hoping to fix this issue with young, inexperienced players. So far, the plan has not panned out the way they had hoped. In the first 14 games of the season, the first-year and second-year forwards on the Bruins roster have combined for only 10 points.

So how can the Bruins fix this issue?

A solution to this issue is something they have done in the past; bring David Pastrnak down to the second line. There is no doubt that David Krejci works better with Pastrnak, and they have had success together in the past. Putting them together could give one of the struggling young players like Jake Debrusk or Danton Heinen, a chance to play with two elite forwards in Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand.

Another solution could be giving players who have yet to make their NHL debut a chance to play with the big club, such as Trent Frederic or Jack Studnicka. However, this would be more of a last resort for the Bruins, as they would only add to the inexperience of the team.

Are the Bruins really that desperate for secondary scoring?

The Bruins are in pretty good shape as far as the NHL standings are concerned, as they sit at eighth place in the entire league and third place in their division. However, the two teams above Boston in their division are the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Tampa Bay Lightning, who are both considered juggernauts. The Bruins do not need secondary scoring to make it to the playoffs, they just need it to be a force when they are actually in the playoffs, and maybe even if they are contending for a championship. As of right now, the Bruins would be lucky to make it out of the first round again with their current secondary scoring.

Whether it be shuffling the forward lines, or bringing up another rookie to the mix, the Bruins should consider searching for a solution sooner rather than later. If they cannot find a solution internally soon, then they should be in the in the market for a top six forward at the trade deadline. Some potential trade targets for the Bruins might include Artemi Panarin or Wayne Simmons. Although these players are likely to be rentals, the Bruins need to find secondary scoring, and if they cannot find it internally, then they will have to look around the league for options.

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