Good thing the Boston Bruins had an impeccable October by going 8–1–2, because since November started, they are 2–2–2 and are currently riding a four-game losing streak. The Bruins may still be holding on to first place in the Atlantic Division, but they will not be for long if they continue to lose to inferior opponents like the Detroit Red Wings, Philadelphia Flyers, or the Florida Panthers. So, what is the issue, why can’t the Bruins get back to being the team they were before the losing streak?

Poor Defense

One of this Bruins team’s strengths going into the season was their depth on defense, however, they have not looked like a sound defensive team lately. In the past four games alone, the Bruins have allowed a total of 15 goals not including shootout goals. To start the season, it took them seven total games to allow 15 goals. One big reason they have been getting scored on a lot lately is due to the fact that the team averages 9.8 penalty minutes a game. Maybe if the Bruins would play a little more disciplined, their defense would not be under the gun as much.

Rough Goaltending

Unfortunately, the goaltending has been suspect in this latest stretch. Jaroslav Halak lost his last game against the Flyers in a shootout, but overall had a decent game only allowing two goals. Tuukka Rask, on the other hand, has lost his last three starts while allowing at least four goals in each of those games. One of those games was against the worst team in the league, the Red Wings. Obviously, a lot of these goals can be put on the defense, but it was evident in both the Montreal Canadians game and the Panthers game that shots seemed to be going through him, and he was allowing some fluky goals.

If anyone was going to question Rask’s confidence, right now would be the perfect time. After the game against the Panthers, Rask was asked about what he thought about the power going out during the game and his response was very interesting. “That should’ve happened in game 7 of the finals I guess,” he said jokingly. Even though he may have been joking, it seems like that game seven loss may still be haunting him a little bit, considering he brought it up on a random regular-season game in November.


It does not help that the Bruins seem to be getting bit with the injury bug a bit lately. In their most recent game against the Panthers, they had to play without both Jake DeBrusk and Torey Krug. Obviously, those two being absent is not an excuse for blowing a four goal lead in the third lead, but it would not hurt to have them back.

A lot has gone right for the Bruins so far this season and it seemed like they were due for a rough patch, just like they are in right now. It is definitely not time to start panicking, especially considering they are still in first place in the division. The Bruins just need to get back to being more disciplined defensively, and hopefully goaltending will come around and be as good as it was at the start of the season.

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