This week in intramural sports, new sports commenced, mid-season sports intensified, and champions were crowned… UMass Boston style. An epic battle on the gridiron decided the fate of No Fly Zone and BIG BALLER BRAND. No Fly Zone took the win in the end, but both teams left everything on the field in the match-up. No Fly Zone’s captain, Danny Seng, was the glue that kept the team together, as he kept communication lively on the field. Tyson Tembo showed off his skills as QB and was a great leader on the field. He also had some great receivers and blockers to work with, such as Quentin Bethea, Odson J Chris, Ralph Francesconi, Marcus Hopkins, Marino Long-Mella, and Montez Paschall, who all plunged the team to victory. The game was impeccably officiated by Intramural Director Shane Conti, Intramural supervisor Bergomi Francois, and one of UMass Boston Intramural’s newest members, Jonathan Hodge. If you see any of No Fly Zone team members walking around on campus, be sure to congratulate them. They should be easy to spot in their UMass Boston Intramural Champion Swag. 

In the Clark gymnasium, volleyball has been heating up. On Tuesday Oct. 30, team Ice met their match when they played team Karasuno. In a match of best two out of three, Karasuno took the first two wins and settled the match before the third set. Karasuno’s Stiven Cyfeku had one ace, Jerod Lin had two aces as well as Shannon Foley and Kenneth Ho, to set the match on fire. On Nov. 7, the Old Monks showed up to play and their great attitude and high attendance led them to victory. Catch volleyball happening Tuesday and Wednesday nights in the Clark gymnasium.

Over at Marina Bay Sportsplex, standings are still being decided as the regular season rolls on. Go watch your favorite team and cheer them on, on Thursday and Friday nights at the Sportsplex over in Quincy! The season is getting intense, with good matchups every night!

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