This week in the world of intramural sports, we are going to feature one of our very involved student participants: a hard-working athlete, teammate to many and friend to all, who goes by the name of Abhinav Bountra. Bountra has been involved in the intramural program for years now, and has had a lasting impact on the program and its growth in the past couple years. Unafraid to try new things, Bountra has participated in countless seasons of our sports. Whether it be basketball, volleyball, soccer or cricket, he brings his energy and exceptional sportsmanship skills along with him. 

He was a part of our history when he played in the first ever intramural cricket match at the University of Massachusetts Boston this year, an environment everyone should be a part of at one point in their college careereven if it is just as a fan. His friendly demeanor and optimistic outlook radiates to his teammates, creating team chemistry that is tough to match on the playing quarters, whatever the sport may be. As well as helping orchestrate the intramural cricket debut, he led his volleyball team to the championship game this year, which his team fought hard to win. He was quick to congratulate all of his teammates and respectfully do so as well to the opposing team, an example of sportsmanship that all should look to. On the soccer pitch, win or lose, he is out there chatting it up with all of our participants and employees, sharing highlights about the game or talking about how much fun he had playing. Although he may be new to the sport of basketball, he puts in 100 percent effort on the court, and while on the sidelines he is an active teammate, cheering and spreading positive energy. 

Bountra is a graduate student here at UMass Boston. He recently completed his MBA in Supply Chain & Service Management and Marketing and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Business Analytics. When asked about his dedicated participation in our intramural program, he replied, “I have been a sports person all of my life and I believe that the benefits of intramural sports go much beyond just physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It helps you reduce stress, make friends and offers to build qualities like sportsmanship, teamwork and creativity. I get immense satisfaction and peace when I participate in intramural sports. It is not just about winning or losing. It is about the experience. It is about winning humbly and losing graciously. Just like someone said, ‘The purpose is not the destination, but the journey itself.’”

Our Intramural Director, Shane Conti, summed it up best by saying, “Abhi is athletically talented; however he brings so much more to the field each night. His passion and positive energy for Intramural sports is unmatched. Always a big smile on his face, always chatting with everyone around him. He is a wonderful role model of what sportsmanship can and should be. The UMass Boston Intramural Program is lucky to have him.”

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