What a week it has been in the world of Intramural Sports!

Flag football wrapped up on Tuesday night with the league championship held at McConnell Field in Savin Hill. The championship proceedings took the form of a three-game tournament. The four teams that qualified for playoffs faced off in single-elimination style, weathering the cold winds in order to bring their playoff-level season performances to a successful culmination.

The first game featured the heavily favored Betas. From their dexterity in mobilizing an offense to their crucial defensive performance, the Betas have been strong candidates for the league championship all season long. The Betas hosted the Blue Drank Enthusiasts who finished their regular season just over .500. Although being ranked last in the tournament pool, the Enthusiasts, just like the Betas, had a championship-run on their agenda.

The Betas got ahead early and did not look back, their captain and quarterback, Tanner Boyd, led the charge with three touchdown passes. Their offensive effort was padded by a lock-down defense, with three players intercepting passes and two of them, Noah Fitzgerald and Dimitri Legaspi, bringing them back for touchdowns in pick-six fashion. The game’s result was a resounding victory for the Betas, who led the Enthusiasts 36–0.

The second semi-final game to get underway showcased the Big Bodies and Two Nicc. Big Bodies’ propensity for quick slants and the consistent pressure created by their defensive line aided their overall gameplay, helping them to attain a 28–12 victory over Two Nicc. Sean Nichols (QB) threw for two touchdowns, caught by Myles Jordan and Yohannes Kidane of Big Bodies. Jason Bigler also collected three sacks on the night. Two Nicc put up a fight, with Bergomi Francois and Rene Joseph each running for touchdowns, yet it was not enough to fend off Big Bodies.

Thence came the big game, with Betas facing off against Big Bodies. Both teams were attempting to syphon the adrenaline from their big semi-final wins to motivate them in this final showdown, aware that only one team would emerge wearing the highly-coveted “Intramural Champions” t-shirts and the glory of a lifetime. Here is how it happened:

Betas, used to posting heavy offensive numbers, were met in the first half by a strong defensive surge by Big Bodies. Part of this effort included an interception by Yohannes Kidane. Big Bodies, however, could not seem to muster up the same quick and effective offensive performance they demonstrated in their semifinal win over Two Nicc. Betas kept Big Bodies scoreless with their relentless pressure on the pocket and their extensive zone-coverage. The question of who would break through first on offense was answered when Tanner Boyd (QB) of Betas connected with Frank Distefano for a touchdown early in the second half. This score was added to by Jake Waters who collected a rushing touchdown of his own. Big Bodies was unable to answer either score and Betas, with their continued defensive pressure, let their offensive strikes propel them to a 12–0 championship win over Big Bodies.

From jubilation to heartbreak; from ecstasy to sorrow, the full emotional spectrum was present on Monday night as Betas concluded their brilliant season with a figurative yet tangible championship banner. Glory like this will be enough for the players of Betas to recount to their posterity for decades to come.

“It can’t be that exciting, it’s only Intramural Sports”, you might say. Well, then come and play with us! From Tuesday night volleyball, Thursday and Friday night soccer, and Sunday night basketball, there is every reason for Intramural Sports to be the right fit for you! So dust off those old cleats and start reviewing those high-school playbooks … we will see you on the field.

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