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Another two weeks have flown by! As the intramural season has heated up, we have had some intense games. Intramural volleyball has had incredible support as we approach the playoffs. Ballz Deep has been dominant, beating Nekoma 21–9 in two games, while You Have Been Served beat 4Lyfers in a dominant showing to improve to 2–0. Karasuno prevailed against Team A in two hard fought games, winning 21–18 and 21–16. Ballz Deep and You Have Been Served look to be the favorites as we approach the volleyball postseason.

Intramural soccer has had a great showing during the past two weeks with fans coming in droves to watch games filled with determination and grit. The UMass Boston Karens defeated Soccer Baddies & Daddies 5–0 in a statement win. Joery Cryiaque led the way with four goals for the UMass Boston Karens. Manyaks have continued their winning streak with a 4–1 win against Bobby’s Beacons. Hamzah Halaissi of the Manyaks scored a hat trick in a stellar performance, while Will Healey scored the lone goal for Bobby’s Beacons. Manyaks followed this win with a 6–0 thrashing of Your Mom's Favorite Sons. Hamzah Halaissi played great again, scoring a goal and getting an assist, while Mohammed Beramdane scored a brace and was able to add an assist as well for Manyaks. Douglas Liaw and Oleksiy Bielov scored for the Beacon Ballers, fueling their narrow 2–1 victory. The Beacon Ballers went on to beat Soccer Baddies & Daddies 5–3 later in the week, scoring two late goals to complete an intense game. Soccer Baddies and Daddies came back from 3–0 to tie the game 3–3, with this run stemming from a great second half performance by Jonathan Hodge. However, the Beacon Ballers’ Conor Agnew proved to be too much, scoring a hat trick and securing the victory for the Ballers. The Little Spoons and How I Met Your Mata played an incredibly close game, resulting in a 2–2 draw. Moustafa El-Dayisty had a career performance, making eight saves for How I Met Your Mata. Gabe Pacheco, however, was able to find the back of the net with a great goal for The Little Spoons to keep them alive. Dynamo Boston overcame Goal Diggers in a 4–2 victory, with Darian Stanchina and Oghosa Agho leading the way. Santiago Yepes Preciado was able to shine in the loss for the Goal Diggers, scoring two goals. Dynamo Boston squared off against Bobby’s Beacons in their next game, winning 6–0. In perhaps the best individual performance we have seen this season, Tenzin Thai was able to score a hat trick while also tagging on two assists. Your Mom’s Favorite Sons fell again in a 5–0 defeat to The Godfather. Despite the decisive loss, Ryan Eykel of Your Mom’s Favorite Sons had a strong performance in-net with nine saves. Paul Maier and Samy Mardhy both had braces for The Godfather. As we near the postseason, Beacon Ballers look to be favorites with a 3–0 record. However, Dynamo Boston and Manyaks both sit at a dangerous 2–1, and do not seem to have any intention of slowing down.

The intramural flag football season has rolled on with three more fierce games. Balls Deep crushed Ted Clubber Lang, 39–12. As a team, Balls Deep had four interceptions, with Yazan Zaidan taking two by himself. Dylan DiFillipo had quite the night, catching a touchdown and rushing for another one for Balls Deep. Nate Choate of Ted Clubber Lang was able to rush for a touchdown in one of their two successful tries in the red zone. Avenue Grille was victorious in a contentious game against Mean Streets. Captain Simon Puorro led the way for Mean Streets, rushing for two touchdowns. Charles Chapman, however, stifled Puorro’s energy with a truly dominant game on both sides of the ball for Avenue Grille, rushing for two touchdowns, passing for three touchdowns and getting two interceptions on defense in their 37–26 win. The Lobstahs, meanwhile, blew out the Buccaneers, 34–15. Captain James Alagana had two passing touchdowns for the Buccaneers, but it was not enough to top Austin Matus, who passed for two touchdowns and ran for another in a strong showing for The Lobstahs.

In intramural badminton, Alphinity is 4–0 and looking strong going into the postseason, while Ice Tea and You Just Got Served both post promising records of 3–1. We are approaching intramural playoffs for the first time in two years and we look forward to some incredible, hard-fought games in the coming weeks. If you are interested in joining intramural sports at UMass Boston, check out the website at

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